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Cradock Alumni and Friends Homepage

Cradock Alumni and Friends Homepage



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Remember Norman McIntosh, class of '66? See Norman Then and Now
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For the Cradock cooks, you may want to visit Monroe Duncan's ('58) blog.

Cookbook! Take a gander!


J Warren Wood III Class of

The Most Likely to Succeed in our class was Warren Wood. As I remember he wasn't a perfect student - he once
got a 'B' in shop. The rest were all "A"s. I was Googling on my old chums and ran across this link. I didn't even rate
a mention by Google. Sigh... Well, I suppose he succeeded pretty well. We still exchange Christmas cards but
distance keeps us from getting together, although he did call during one of his travels in NC a few years back and
we went to a Durham Bulls baseball game. Anyway, here's the link that describes some of his activities up to 2004.

Chris Fuss


Class of 1968

Christopher S. Fuss (Chris) is the product of a Methodist parsonage. His mother and father, The Rev. & Mrs. Harold Fuss, served 44 years in the Virginia Conference. They now reside in Roanoke, Virginia.

Chris graduated from Cradock High School in Portsmouth, Virginia in 1969 and then attended Virginia Tech.




Malcolm Langston


Class of 1952


Malcolm Langston, Class of 1952 makes medical history

(webpage no longer active)




Yearbook Caption
How ironic?


J. R. Wilburn


Class of 1961

Cradock's NFL Star (webpage no longer active)
John Casteen  


John T. Casteen III

 President John T. Casteen
  • President of the University of Virginia
  • George M. Kaufman Presidential Professor
  • Professor of English

Professor of English John Casteen became president of the University of Virginia in August 1990. As president, he has overseen a major restructuring of the University's administrative and governance structures, one of the largest capital funds campaigns ever undertaken, significant improvements in academic programs, and major expansions of the University's physical facilities. In this period, also, the University has been recognized for its leadership in educating minority students, for the quality of its undergraduate teaching, and for its success in refinancing itself following historic reductions in state tax support at the beginning of the decade.

After teaching English at the University of California (Berkeley) and the University of Virginia, Mr. Casteen became Virginia's secretary of education in 1982. He served until 1985. While secretary, he directed reforms in both secondary and higher education, revamped Virginia's college desegregation efforts, and initiated programs of state support for research. From 1985 to 1990, he was president of the University of Connecticut.

Mr. Casteen has been a director of the American Council on Education, a director of the National Collegiate Athletic Association,
trustee and chair of the College Entrance Examination Board, commissioner of the Education Commission of the States,
 member of the Board of Control for the Southern Regional Education Board, commissioner of the New England Board of Higher Education,
and chair of the Association of Governing Board's council of presidents. From 1991 to 1993, he chaired the National Board on Oceans and

In 1997, Mr. Casteen completed a term as chair of the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
(SACS) as well as a term as president of SACS. In 2000-2002, he chaired the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). He
recently completed a term as chair of the Association of American Universities (AAU). Mr. Casteen is currently a member of AAU's
 Institutional Data Committee.

Mr. Casteen's business career has included service as a director of Connecticut Bank and Trust Company (CBT) in 1986-1989—CBT
was acquired by Fleet Bank, and as a member of CBT's audit and corporate responsibility committees; as a director of the New England
Education Loan Marketing Corporation (Nellie Mae) and the successor foundation (1988-1997 and 2000), and as a member of Nellie Mae's
executive committee; as a director of Sallie Mae (1999-2004), following the sale of Nellie Mae to SLMA, Inc.; as a director of
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Connecticut, Inc., now a component of Anthem (1989-1990, resigned to move to Virginia), as a member of
the audit and medical affairs committees, and as a director of Calico, a wholly owned subsidiary providing employee life insurance services
for client corporations; as a director of the College Construction Loan Insurance Association (Connie Lee) and a member of the finance
committee (1993-1997)—Connie Lee was acquired by AmBac in 1997; as a director of Allied Concrete Company, Charlottesville
(1995-1998); as a director of Jefferson Bankshares, Inc., and Jefferson National Bank and chair of the executive compensation committee
(1990-1997)—JBI was acquired by Wachovia in 1997; a director of the old and new Wachovia Corporation (1997-present), member and chair
of its audit and compliance committees, and subsequently member and chair of the audit committee of the new corporation formed by the
merger of Wachovia and First Union, currently serves on audit committee. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Chesapeake Bay
Foundation; and member and chair of the Jefferson Science Associates, LLC. Currently, he serves as chair of Universitas 21 and is a
member of the Board of Directors of U21 Global Pte Ltd. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of SAGE Publications, Inc. and
is a member of the Virginia University Research Partnership Board.

Mr. Casteen was named the Outstanding Virginian of 1993. The state conference of the American Association of University Professors
(AAUP) presented its Jackson Davis Award to him in December 1993. In February 1996, he received the doctor honoris causa from the
University of Athens in Greece. In 1998, he was named the University of Virginia's outstanding alumnus of the year. In December 1998,
he received the Gold Medal of the National Institute of Social Sciences. In November 2002, Mr. Casteen was selected as the inaugural
recipient of the Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention's Presidents Leadership Group Award. The Virginia Society
of the American Institute of Architects selected Mr. Casteen as the recipient of the Architecture Medal for Virginia Service in 2004.

Mr. Casteen writes short fiction as well as essays and papers in medieval literature, bibliography, and public policy. A collection of his
short stories received the 1987 Mishima Award for fiction.

Mr. Casteen holds three degrees in English from the University of Virginia (B.A. with high honors in 1965, M.A. in 1966, and Ph.D. in 1970).
He served as UVA's dean of admissions from 1975 to 1982. Born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia, he is married to Betsy Foote Casteen.
They have five children.

September 2008

Fred DeJarnette


Hello Classmates!
This morning as I was reading our morning newspaper (The Sun News, Myrtle Beach, SC) I ran across the
article I've included in this note. The Date on this article is January 16, 2004. I think this is really something
to read in this out of the main stream of newspapers. I also feel a great deal of pride in one of our Classmates,
who is such an influential person in the future of Space Exploration. It is very true a Star did Fall On Fred
, Class of '52. I don't have all the class addresses in my computer so I will rely on all I send this
to, to send this to our classmates, as I send my congratulations to Fred. Isn't America Wonderful? God Bless
Fred and all of you.
Kenneth Revels

This is the article:

N.C. State hopes space program sees revival

The Associated Press
Raleigh, N.C. Fred DeJarnette has gotten quite a boost out of President Bush's desire to expand space
DeJarnette, an engineering professor at N.C. State University, led NASA's only university-based Mars Mission
Research Center here in the 1990's.
DeJarnette thinks research done at the center could prove useful now that the president has expressed interest
in America voyaging to Mars.
He also thinks Bush's plan, unveiled Wednesday, could revive space studies in Raleigh.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration at one time sent more than $1.5 million a year to fund them.
NASA has said the center's data on unmanned airplanes and gliders that could be launched on Mars could scout
for information the agency would need before sending people.
Today, DeJarnette plans to travel to NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., to discuss ways to boost
the local program.

Atta' Boy Fred!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Huneycutt


Local Cradock Grad Makes Good!!!
Richard Huneycutt
has been awarded the Portsmouth Police Department
2006 Auxiliary Officer of the Year Award!


Here is the presentation that was read the night Richard received the award...

"The Auxiliary Officer of the Year is an exceptional individual who can always be counted on to be there when
needed and is an invaluable asset to the Portsmouth Police Department. Either working in the Detective Bureau
or in Uniform Patrol, this officer has dedicated himself to the Portsmouth Police Department beyond expectations.
While the auxiliary position is a 'volunteer' position, this officer reports to work each morning prepared to work a
6-8 hour shift. In 2006, he worked 1,267 hours, 979 hours more than those required. He demonstrates a level of
commitment and dedication to duty that is unrivalled throughout our agency."

"He is known throughout the department as 'Youth Bureau' and serves juvenile court papers, many of which are
felony wanted papers, and functions as a School Resource Officer. He makes a difference every day by removing
violent offenders from our schools and communities. Over the past six years, he has arrested more wanted juvenile
offenders than any other police officer on the department. In viewing his interaction with the youth he takes into
custody it is obvious that they not only respect him, they like him!"

"The nominee's performance also impacts the Police Records Unit and our agency's administrative division. Without
his efforts to apprehend wanted juveniles, the backlog of VCIN and NCIC wanted juvenile entries would be so great
that audit preparation would be impossible. He communicates with records personnel daily to determine if there are
new detention orders on file and to gather information on recently served detention orders as well. He also acts as
the Records Unit's liaison with the Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court. In this capacity he communicates with the
court to ensure that wanted papers are accurate and still 'active' to avoid any wrongful arrests."

"THE AUXILIARY OFFICER OF THE YEAR has been a member of the Auxiliary since 1974. Nominated by Aux. Capt.
Ron Hyman and Sgt. Brenda Jennings, it is with great honor that 'RICHARD HUNEYCUTT' BE AWARDED THE

Hey, Richard! We are proud of you!!!