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The Alumni & Friends of Cradock has sponsored an annual event the 3rd Saturday of October each year known as "Come Home to Cradock". The Alumni & Friends of Cradock was organized in 1999 following the closure of Cradock high School in 1992, in an effort is to maintain connections of Cradock High School Alumni with the Cradock community, as well as to draw the attention of the alumni to the need to help revitalize the Cradock Community. The Cradock alumni enjoy a deep kinship with and strong feelings of loyalty to the Cradock community. Many felt that while we had lost our school, we could not sit back and watch the beloved Cradock community deteriorate further. Since the Alumni and Friends was the largest group who had a connection with the community, it seemed only natural that their skills and resources might be applied to not only draw attention and activity to the community, but to seek concrete, long-term solutions to revitalize Cradock.

Make your tax-deductible donation payable to:
Cradock Preservation & Revitalization, Inc. / In care of Bev Sell
3610 Henrico Street
Norfolk, Virginia 23513