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(New 06-22-2011)

Class of '66 will be celebrating their 45th reunion October 7th and 8th.  Flyers will be mailed in July.  If you do not receive a flyer or email and wish to attend contact Bonnie Jordan Porter ( ) or Dale Stewart (757 484-9588).
Our current lost list includes:
Linda Bess, Ronald Stephen Gray, Sandra Hathcock, Pam Honaker Bodger, Sammy Horne, Malinda Johnson, Michael Wayne Nash, Joy O'Neal, Yvonne Parker, Ethel Perkins, Andrea Rea Watson, Sandra Louis Reynolds, Helen Sullivan, Linda Tatum, Irene Todd Pruitt.  If you can help locate any of the individuals listed above please contact Bonnie Jordan Porter ( or  Dale Stewart (757 484-9588).
(New 02-11-2011)
Does anyone remember being in the same class as Walter William Loulies Jr.? Walter died in 2002 at age 58 and has been listed in the class of 1960 "In Memoriam" section. The class of 1960 has determined that he was not in their graduating class.  I need to know which class he was in or would have been in. Please help. Contact if you know which class he belongs with. Thanks. Janie
(New 02-08-2011)

Class of 1961 will be celebrating their 50th Reunion this fall. (More information will be provided at a later date)

Our current lost list includes:  Joe Condee, Gloria Linville, Charles Futrell, Priscilla Gilbert Moncus, Pat Goree Self, Beverly Jones Kratchen, Janet Hart Belch, Walter Thompson, Jimmy Thompson, David Yasaitis, and Jack Sherman.

If you can help locate any of the individuals listed above please contact Sandy Stephenson Vick.

(New 02-08-2011)
I am looking for contact  information for Billy Honaker class of 68.  Pam Honaker is Billy' 'sister.
Lew Flowers
(New 01-20-2011)
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Bobby Everett(e), I moved from Alexander Park when I was in the 8th grade, would like to get in touch and chat. Thanks  Gene Alexander
(New 09-30-2010)

I would like to locate Jerry W Scott in class of 1959. I went to Deep Creek High in 1963 and lost contact. Would like to see if he is still in the  state. Thanks Mary

Ron Pierce class of 1984, back in the area trying to catch up with some old friends and get a copy of our 1984 yearbook please contact me @

The Singer
Anyone know how to get in touch with Patsy Thomas she married Arnold Black, but later divorced? Thank you, Vicki Martin Kuthy [ I was with the 1964 class but didn't graduate with that class)

Best regards,

Vicki Kuthy
I would like to know where Patsy Simmons Basquin might be...she can reach me at
Brenda Lowe..class of 65
I am Kimberly Talley,  class of 1973.  I am looking for a fellow classmate,  Donna Pennington.  If anyone knows her whereabouts or how I can get in touch with her please email me at
(New 11-15-2009)
I am looking for Lewis Flowers class of 1968. He was a member of a band I was in call The Regents Featuring Mel Gaines. If you could please post this. I am a member of the class of 1968 as well. I can be contacted at this email address. R/ Johnny “Sleepy” Johnston

Johnny Johnston
Suffolk Family YMCA
2769 Godwin Boulevard
Suffolk, VA 23434
(New 10-13-2009)

Hey you guys this is Tammy Layne class of 1980. I am doing well and i hope everyone is doing well also . please contact me at , i would love to hear from my fellow classmates.
(New 10-13-2009)

I am looking for a 1974 year book.  If you know of one for sale please contact me at
Jacqueline D. Hoskins-Butler
(New 08-17-2009)
Hi there,  I am Gini Powell looking to connect with any of those folks I was friends with in my Freshman year. 1962  I have been looking through the yearbook and studying faces and names.....If anyone out there remembers me....pls email me at or on Facebook "Gini Pruitt".  I am living in Myrtle Beach, SC.  2 blocks from the ocean on a lake.  Life is good.   Enjoying retirement.  I was in Interior Design.  Now I am designing jewelry selling in Sarasota, Fl and some in Atlanta.  It is just a hobby but something I truly enjoy.   I am a grandmother of 7, 5 boys and 2 girls.  The oldest is 15.  Oh wow, Now I do feel old. I hope to get to the reunion in October, hopefully to see some faces I can associate with.  But who knows at 63 I may not remember anyone....anyone out there have the same problem?  Life goes on, and on and on...doesn't it.  I look forward to hearing from someone soon.
(New 08-11-2009)
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Debbie Cardello? We were friends when I was in the Navy in the late 70's. I don't think she graduated from Cradock, but was going there when we met. If anyone has any information, please e-mail Branden Roemer at

Thanks much.
(New 07-23-2009)
My name is Sharon Boatwright-Gonzales and I'm trying to find numerous friends from the 70's at school. If anyone has any yearbooks please contact me at  also, I'm trying to find Jan Taylor. If your out there or someone has information about you you can reach me at same e-mail address.
(New 01-05-2009)

Looking for Carolyn Barnett Wright

My name is Betty Morgan Sanborn. Carolyn's brother, Chet Barnett was named after my father.  I have not heard from Carolyn or Chet for some time.  My husband and I live in Key West Florida and I see Carolyn lives in Florida.  Do you know how I may contact her?   

Thanks so much-email is  


(New Nov. 12, 2008)

Someone else is trying to find Frank DuPriest ('52) Do anyone out there know his whereabouts?
Also more information on the all girls and all boys classes at James Hurst Elementary School in the '40's

Hello Janie.  Do you, by chance, know Frank Dupriest's ('52) e-mail address?   

The photo that Vernon England III put on the CHS site was so good.  I printed this out and Frances Finch
Respess & I have named most of the gals.  I understand this 7th grade was an experimental thing:  one all girls class;  one all boys class ;  & one mixed (girls/boys) class.  Barbara Newman Coffman was in the mixed class & has promised me a copy of her photo.   

I am looking for a photo of the all boys class.  I called Gayle Ballance ('52) & he remembers this & was in the all boys class.  No photo...... 

I have a feeling Frank will know about this & possibly have some photos.  He remembers & has so much knowledge of the past. 

I have tried the address:,   it has been return. 

Thank you for your help. 

Mavis Daniels Tompkins ('52)

(New 10-15-2008)

For Laura Cuthrell, Bunny White Worked for Charlie Falk (Local Car Dealer) as the service manager for many years,you could see him in their ad on TV just a few years ago. he may still work there today.

Bill Davenport"63"

(New 10-11-2008)

Does anybody know the whereabouts of  Bunny White.  He did not actually
graduate....left school early.  Trying to catch up with him.
Laura Cuthrell

(New 10-8-2008)

Re: Alonzo B. Fane


I met Alonzo in 1984 when I became the organist and choir director for Saint Paul Catholic Church, downtown
Portsmouth. He sang in my choir for three years and then I lost track of him.

Do you know where he's buried? I would like to visit his grave.

Thank you,

Roger D. Peyton
Pastoral Musician
Church of the Holy Angels
34 Afton Parkway
Portsmouth, VA 23702
Office: 757.485.2142
Facsimile: 757.485.2143

(Alonzo is buried in Lincoln Cemetery)

(New 10-6-2008)

Trying to find Chase Harrell, if anyone knows where he is email me at  Thank You Sharon Walker
Class of 1986
Does anybody know the where abouts of  Bunny White.  He did not actually
graduate....left school early.  Trying to catch up with him.
Laura Cuthrell
Submitted 10-11-2008

If anyone has any info about Eddie Porter, Class of '65, please contact me. I am trying to locate him for Jack Spear, Class of '66.
Linda Halpin Townsend

September 02, 2008

Hi, my name is Flora Clark class of 1988.
I would like information on obtaining my class year book. If you know how I can obtain one, please email me at

August 20, 2008

Hi all,
I'm looking for a '65 yearbook. Also, looking for Dawn Windley. She married Gary Baldwin. She had a son named Ricky. They used to live on Treakle Terrace in Portsmouth, off of Alabama Avenue, close to Lee Hall Apts. I loaned Dawn's mom, Barbara Windley my yearbooks and then over the years lost touch with the family. Her mom and dad, I have heard, have since passed away. Dawn would probably remember me by the last name of Hobbs. If i could find Dawn, she might have my yearbooks. So, if anyone has any information, please contact me at my email listed below.

Thanks so much,
Linda Halpin Townsend (Hobbs)

August 1, 2008

This is Marvin Hamilton I am looking for a 1970 yearbook. Please contact me at

July 20, 2008

I'd like to find a 1975 Cradock High yearbook. Believe it or not, mine was stolen. If anyone knows where I can find one, please email me at
Jane Faulhaber Jones

April 3, 2008

Hi there classmates! This is Susie (Rudy) Lindahl, class of 73 and I'm looking for Cecelia Coleman (class of 75). If you have any idea how I could get in touch with her, please email me at Thanks so much! -- Susie

February 19, 2008

Hello. I'm Frank DuPriest, Cradock High Class of '52. My family first moved to Cradock in 1939 and lived at 25 Cushing Street, until about 1941 when dad bought a house in Highland Park on Charles Ave. We lived there through WW2 and when that house got too small for additional sister and our grandma, we moved back to 26 Alden Ave. We lived there until 1959. I left there for the Army and really never lived there again. I worked at the Afton Theatre from about 1950 until 1953. After many years, I was able to salvage the parts for a complete seat from the rubble of that old theatre, and I have one of maybe three original seats, completely restored. I would like to sell it to highest bidder. It cost me $80.00 and I would start bidding at $100.00. It is in new condition complete with aisle light. It can be viewed in "A Walk down Memory Lane" on the Cradock website.For more information, I'm at I'm in Richmond VA.

February 11, 2008

Sheila Bogan Davidson Class of '65 is looking for Susan Moyer-Higgs. If you have any current info on Susan, please contact Sheila at

February 10, 2008

My name is Vance Fulcher and I need a 1975 year book. Also does anybody know how to get in touch with Charlotte Harrell? I'll buy the book. And last but not least, I would like to find out how to get in touch with Terry Wilburn. I've been living in TN for the last 19-20 years and now I am in Fayetteville NC. And if anybody from the class of '75 went crazy, I'm a psych nurse now lol. I went back to school when I was 39 yrs old. Better late than never. Thanks, Vance, Class of '75

February 8, 2008

My name is Edward "Tommy" Bryant, Class of '62. I am trying to locate Linda Powell Smith, and her sister Brenda Powell Kallaher, both of the Class of '62. I have some class pictures that I would like to share with them. If anyone has any contact information for them, please let me know at, or give me a call at 410-275-8888. Thanks in advance.

December 6, 2007

Hi folks, I am looking for 1973 through 1976 yearbooks. If anyone has one or knows where I could get my hands on one, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
Janet (Justice) Lambert, Class of 1976,

November 20, 2007


My name is Michael Kitchens. I first lived in Cradock from 1986 to 1987. I would have graduated from Cradock High in 1994, except for two reasons: the first being that the school closed in 1992, and the second being that I moved to Chesapeake in December of 1987. I ended up graduating from Western Branch High School in 1994. (I have been back in the Cradock neighborhood since February of 1998.)

I don't know if this is the best place to start, but I am trying to find a teacher that I had when I was in the sixth grade at Cradock Middle School (formerly Alf. J. Mapp Jr. High School). This was during the 1987-1988 school year.

The teacher that I am looking for is Ms. Karen Howell. I lost touch with her after I moved to Chesapeake. I don't know where to begin to find her. If I could meet her again, I'm sure she would be thrilled to see me.

Any help is greatly appreciated. You can also contact me at


November 6, 2007

Hi, my name is Vance Fulcher and I would like to know how to get in touch with Charlotte Harrell and Terry Wilburn, Class of 75. My email is

October 22, 2007

Looking for Lorinda Latsky. Moved to UK.
Sandra van Vuuren

September 19, 2007

I am looking for anyone with a picture in one of the yearbooks from 1959, 1960 or possibly 1961 for Harold H. Hill (nickname was Sandy). He moved to Cherry Point and graduated in 1962 but was supposed to graduate in 1961. His folks were stationed in Portsmouth for a couple of years. He is now deceased but we are working on a scrapbook and do not have anything from Cradock. Any help would be great.
L. Hill

August 29, 2007


Hi all,
Cheryl Jordan O'Connor, Class of '74 is looking for a 1974 Yearbook. If anyone has one to sell, please contact me at I never got a Senior Yearbook and would love to have one. Thanks,

August 6, 2007

I'm looking for a CHS classmate, Steve Kitchen. I believe he graduated in the same class as I did, 1967. If anyone knows any current info on him, please send me an email.
Bill Pollard, Class of '67

July 23, 2007

The class of 57 is having its 50th Class Reunion in October and we still have not found all of our classmates to invite them. Missing from CHS 57 are:

Kathlyn Anita Bell
Constance Bryant
Christine Ewins Dickey
Thelma Jean Hampton
Margaret Gayle Johnson
Patti Mae Jones
Rilla Gaynelle Roper
Lois Starks
Janie Caroline Taylor
Julia Ann Viverette
Geraldine Wade
Jay Walton
Maryellen West
Phyllis Anne Williamson

Any information that anyone has about these folks should be emailed to Bernie Kirsch We will work to find them and invite them to our October parties and reunion. Thanks for your assistance.

June 25, 2007

Hey I need some help in finding a friend of mine. She went to Cradock and was supposed to graduate in 1979. Her name is Joy Darlene Overton. She lived in Portsmouth and I think she got married, I am not sure. If anyone knows her and knows where I can find her please let me know or give her my email address. I really need to talk to her and see how she is. Thanks.
Angelique M. Walker, Class Of 1978

June 22, 2007

I graduated from Cradock in 1978 and I am looking for anyone who graduated with me. And I am looking for any teachers that I had while I was at Cradock from 1975-1978. I am also looking for annuals from 1975, 76, and 77. I lost mine I only have my 1978. If anyone has any extras please let me know. But I would love to chat with any teachers or classmates please!!!!
My email is If anyone knows where Ms.Todd, Mr. Manning, Mr. Willet, etc. is, please let me know. Thanks.
Angelique M. Walker, Class of 1978

June 22, 2007

Just a note to all of the 78 Class, "Where are you?"

I would love to get together with 76,77,78 and 79 and have a gathering. I currently live in Texas so planning an event in Cradock would be difficult for me but I would gladly lend my services to someone in whatever areas I may be able to help. The last reunion I got to attend for 78 was the 1988, 10 year. We did not get to spend much time together. A 3 day weekend would be nice. I have searched and see many familiar names. Although the In Memoriam on this site shocked me because I recognize quite a few of those we lost. I grew up in Cradock through my teenage years and lived there for several years after i graduate. I lived @ 66 Bainbridge Ave. and understand that since then it has been torn down. Sad. But, life goes on. Sounds like the festivities in Oct would be enjoyable. Maybe next year, the 30th year for class of 78, they will have a get together.
Thanks a bunch,
Shelly "Murray" Castilleja

June 11, 2007

I am in need of the following yr. books: '74,'75,'76 and '77. If there is any one who has one please let me know (even if I have to buy it). Email me at Thanks.
Pam (Cross) Watkins

May 30, 2007

I am looking for a Class of 1977 yearbook. Please e-mail Cynthia Harrell at:

May 26, 2007

Hi, my name is Jerrie (Holly) King (class of ' 92), I am looking for Maria Tuazon. I do not remember is she is from the class of ' 91 or '92. If anyone has heard from her or knows how to contact her please email me at

May 03, 2007

I am looking for a copy of a Cradock High School 1983 yearbook, if anyone knows where one can be obtained please email Jeff at
Jeffrey L. Shoemaker

April 10, 2007

Trying to locate Carolyn Turner class of 1956 now residing I think in Indiana. I understand she came back for the class reunion last year. If anyone has her address or phone number would appreciate it. I grew up with Carolyn in Williams Court and we were best friends and lost track when we married and moved away.
Kay Rodgers,

March 19, 2007

Hello All, I'm Sheila Bogan Davidson, class of '65. I'm trying to reconnect with Frances Holley Humphries. If any of you know how to contact her please give her my email.
Hope everyone is doing well.

February 12, 2007

This is Dennis B. White from Cradock's Class of 1985 speaking. Trying to get a hold of Gerald Ruffin. For some reason, I'm having trouble contacting him via his e-mail address. Gerald if you out there give a brother a shout. I live 30 miles west of Detroit, actually live in the City Of Wayne, Michigan however, I still have a Tidewater Virginia cell number. (757-572-3770). Gerald how in the world could I forget you as many times as you played that piano for me while I sang. Remember the production "The Wiz" that the music department put on for the student body and sang "Home" by Stephanie Mills? Take care and may God continue to bless.
D.B. White Sr.

January 06, 2007

Hi Glenn, was reading some memories of many who had been keeping up with the Cradock news, as I have (me? an innocent bystander who lived in Deep Creek for a while, then Churchland). Anyway, I noticed a note from Candace Morgan, (maiden name, Yeager) and I want to get in touch with her. I too graduated from Churchland in '65 and would love to reminisce with her. Candace, if you read this, email me at
HOPE (little Hope Heilig then) Cleve

November 06, 2006

Hi! I am looking for Linda Priest and Starr Hand My name is Sandra Spinelli Oaks, Class of '70. We were all close in high school and spent a lot of time at the Lighthouse with Mike Murray. Email me at

October 22, 2006


September 24, 2006

My name is Kimberly Talley. Class of 1973. I have been looking for a former classmate, Donna Pennington. Does anyone remember her or know how to contact her? This is a wonderful website. I live in Newport News, VA now. Have been here for 20 years. Have a daughter, Katrina. She is a RN and son, Scott. He served in the army and has been stationed around the world. Served in Iraq. Happy he is home safe. Anyone that remembers me please feel free to contact me @ BRIAN-KIM-1994@COX.NET. Thanks.

August 23, 2006

Trying to locate JOE TOWNSEND, Class of '64. If anyone has any information on how I might contact him, Please let me know. Thank You,

August 16, 2006

Trying to contact Marla Fluharty, Class of 86, married to Jaffar T. Jeffers There has been a death in her husband's family and we can not locate them, last known location is Alabama. Please if anyone knows how to contact them please have them call his family in Brooklyn or in Portsmouth. Thank you for your help.
Paula Allen

May 18, 2006

John (Sleepy) Johnston is trying to contact Steve and Linda Forrest Class of 1967. Very good friends in high school. I miss them terribly. Please anyone who knows where they are or has a way of contacting them, have them contact me at

May 11, 2006

I am seeking any information that will help me locate Charlie Lewis. I believe he would have been a class of 1961 Cradock High graduate. Any information at all will be appreciated from the bottom of my heart. Contact Rob:

Please help us find these “Missing” Alumni
The Class of 1966 needs help with information about any of our missing classmates. Some of thse people have been missing for a long time. Anything you can remember, where they worked, who they married, who their brothers or sisters were….PLEASE EMAIL BONNIE JORDAN PORTER or FRANCINE HARMON GRILLO at
The class of 1966 has a reunion planned for October 7th, 2006. We’d like to be able to account for all of the classmates even if they are not interested in participating. Thanks for taking your time to look over the list.

  • Linda Kay Bess

  • Juiaette Burden

  • Sandra Lee Hathcock

  • Samuel Earl Horne

  • Malinda Taylor Johnson

  • Barbara (McAlpine) Boaz  Found

  • Michael Wayne Nash

  • Joy Marie O’Neal

  • Paula Evangeline Owens  Found

  • Janet Yvonne Parker

  • Ethel Louise Perkins

  • Andrea Lee Rea

  • Sandra Louise Reynolds

  • Helen Josephine Sullivan

  • Beverly Ann Sweazy

  • Linda Faye Tatum

  • Bertha (Todd) Pruitt

  • Marie Leontine Tucker


I would like to locate a 1946 yearbook. Thank you, Ann Oliver []
Hi, my name is Crystal Barnard Im looking for a woman by the name of Christiana Elizabeth Williamson born Aug. 25,1952 at St. Francis Hospital in Wichita, Kansas. She attended Mapp Jr. High & Cradock High School, I'm thinking she had graduated in 1969. Christiana was married in April 1969 to David Mitchell Fitton. If anyone might know her please let her know about me because I have her babybook, birth certificate, and family photo`s. After living in our Cradock home for 16 years these objects were found in the attic rafters days before leaving the Portsmouth area to live in Keysville, Va.
Thank You, Crytstal
My name is Dawn Frasier and I was looking for some old classmates that would have graduated in 1994 with me if Cradock had stayed open. If anyone remembers me you can contact me at and I hope to hear from you soon. Take care and Gob Bless.
Hi, my name is Bill Eckroade, class of 1956 and I am looking for a class mate named Charles Hamilton. We had email contact a few years qgo, but he has moved or changed his email. Thanks for your help.
Hi, I am trying to help my sister, Margie Regina Harris, who attended and graduated from Cradock in 1969 to locate a classmate by the name of Addison Garland Daniel. If anyone has any information about his whereabouts, please email me at Thank you very much. He was the class president and graduated the same year.
My name is Gerald Ruffin (aka Ruff Dogg, class of 1985). I am looking for a Class of 1985 yearbook. If you can help me, email me at Anyone from classes 1984 thru 1987 who remember me, holla back!
I was with the class of 1973, but did not graduate. I joined the USMC instead and had a very exciting career. Does anyone know how I can contact Steve Morris C/O '73? The last my parents heard, he was living near Portsmouth City Park.
Herb Coleman
I am looking for Jeanne Randall. She was a 1957 or 1958 grad. She was married Ray Dixon. I am Ray's sister and would like to know where she is living now.
Thanks, Nonie Dixon Richardson email -
My name is Rick Koziana, class of 1966, Looking for anyone who knows where Mr. Perkins, earth science teacher and track coach is located? Last I heard he was with the F.B.I.
Hello. My name is Christie and I am searching for my husband and his twin brother's birth mom. Just a year ago my husband and his twin brother ( 37 years old) found out they were adopted. We know only a few things about the twins birth. The twins were born at Portsmouth General Hospital, on August 19, 1967. They just want a chance to know about their heritage. I have no idea what High School that the birth mom attended but we have a strong GUT feeling she grew up in and around the Portsmouth area. I would like to have contact with alumni that attended Cradock High around 1957-1961 if possible. We appreicate all your help. This has been an emotional roller coaster of events. Please help us if you can.
We have no clues and want nothing but information. Please if you know of someone who had twin that gave them up for adopting please give me an email. GOD Bless and thank you. For anyone out there if this has upset you I apologize. Thank you for your time and efforts.
I am looking for a 1973 yearbook. If anyone has one they would like to sell give me a call.
Thanks, Fred Hemmings Class of 73 488-2515
Hello, I would like to get a copy of the Class of '72 and Class of '73 year book. Please email me if you find them. Thank you.
Sherlyn H. Cherry
Hi, my name is Aaron Kennedy and I graduated Cradock in 1992. I left 10 years ago and just came back to the area. I am trying to find a few friends I had during high school and find out what has happened since I left. I am looking for Tracey Brainard, Brenda Bandy, Laja Barnett, Julie Peace, Brian White, Jeffery Wilson, and Diana Rider.If you know these people please contact me at I am back in portsmouth and would like to catch up with my old classmates.
I am looking for a picture of my Father William (Billy) Twigg Class of '56. I had a 8x10 of his senior year picture but it got messed up. If anyone can help it would be great! He passed away in '95.
Bill Twigg
Coastal Carolina Security
58 Fairway Drive
Shallotte, NC 28470
I found your name and address on the Cradock school site while browing the internet in search of information concerning Alexander Park. I lived in Alexander Park as a child (mid-40s) and am in search for some photographs to add to my family history works. If you have any to share or know of someone who does I'd certainly appreciate the lead.
Thank you so much
Jim Baines,, Copperas Cove, TX
(originally a Virginian)
Hi, I'm looking for an old friend that did not graduate from Cradock, but had she, it would have been the Class of '72. Her name is Patricia Glover. She had a sister named Susan. Her mother was Janet (worked at NNSY), and her father was Herman. They lived on Rogers Place in Cradock. My grandmother was her babysitter, and she and I went to James Hurst together. I'd love to contact her, if anyone knows where she might now be. I believe her married name (many years ago, at the time of her mother's passing) was Richardson. Thanks for getting this information onto the Looking For site, or forwarding me the method by which I can do it.
Karen (Gowdy) Arban
Hi, I am trying to locate a 1970 Cradock High School yearbook. Please email me if you can help.
Thanks, Jennifer Malcolm
Although I did not graduate from Cradock (I moved in the 8th grade), I did attend school at James Hurst and Cradock High the first two years it was open. There are several people I'd like to re-connect with.
Art Simmons
My name is Grover Nash and can you post a message that I'm looking for Sandra Herron (little) and Michele Chapman from the class of 1984. They were old friends that I would like to get in touch with. Any posting or help would be great,and or info on a reunion.
Thank you and God Bless, Grover
Looking for a 1953 yearbook
I am looking for a 1953 Annual -or- a copy. If there is one available, please E-mail me for price and my mailing address.
Thank you, Mavis DANIELS Tompkins ('52)
Looking for a 1973 yearbook
I am looking for a yearbook for the Class of 73 from Cradock...actually any book from 70-73 would be great...
I guess there are a lot of people looking for books.
Thank you for your help...
Take care
Dan Barker, 1973,
Looking for James "Jamie" Wilson, maybe class of 1972. I still own a drawing he did while we were in school. Anyone know of his where abouts or if he is still drawing/painting.
Linda, Class of '70,
Looking for a 1970 yearbook
I am looking for a 1970 yearbook. If you know where I can find one please let me know. Thanks.
Marvin Hamilton E-mail:
Please help us find these "Missing" Alumni

Need help with information about any of these people. They have been missing for a long time. Anything you can remember, where they went on to school, where they worked, who they married, who their brothers or sisters were.......PLEASE E-MAIL GAIL EDWARDS BAKER at

1953 and 1963 both have reunions coming up this Fall. We'd like to be able to account for all of the classmates even if they are not interested in participating. Some of you really later classes might check with your parents to see if they know anything about these people. Thanks for taking your time to look over the list.

Class of 1952 Where Are They?
  • Mona J. Anthony
  • Mary Jo Arrowood
  • Claude D. Banks FOUND!
  • Patricia Bias
  • Joyce G. Brinkley
  • Audrey Jean BROOME Amos FOUND!
  • Clarence Heitz FOUND!
  • Dolores HONNEYCUTT Foster FOUND!
  • Patricia KENNON Price
  • William M. McCrary FOUND!
  • Rita R. Nicolau
  • Frances POLLARD Prendergast FOUND!
  • Rodney Turner FOUND!
  • Deloris Vick Townsend FOUND!
  • Frances Elizabeth Weaver

Any information, please contact Mavis DANIELS Tompkins at

Class of 1953
  • June Bayne (possibly married name Fruit)
  • Patricia Ann Byrd Found!
  • Roy Elliott Found!
  • Marjorie Hollowell Found!
  • Louella Jane Keaveny
  • Betty Jean Moore
  • Susan Nelson
  • Bobbie Ruth Newton Found!
  • Raye Simpson Found!
  • Bobby Jack Taylor

Class of 1954

  • Roland Brown
  • Jean Horak (McMicking) Found!
  • James Klebau Found!
  • Sidney Lumsden Found!
  • Donald Smith Found!

Class of 1956

  • Sarahrena Green
  • JoAnn Keene
  • Carolyn Kennedy Steele Found!
  • Barbara Schoen

Class of 1958

  • Suzanne Bellamy Titus
  • Josie Wyona Eames
  • Caroline Gates
  • Earl Michael Gratton Found!
  • Thomas R. Harrington Found!
  • Julianne Norvell Larkin
  • Diana Michael Found!
  • Evan Morgan Found!
  • Marie Orlowski
  • William Norman Parker
  • Saluda Joyce Smith Found!
  • Vertie Lee Watson Found!
  • Delores Elaine Young

Class of 1959

  • Franklin Bullock
  • Judy Livingston Found!
  • Frances Richardson
  • Shirley Taylor Found!

Class of 1960

  • Jonita Caporale Found!
  • Carolyn Stallings (married name Tallmadge) Found!

Class of 1963
  • Ralph Nichols
  • Robert Parrish Found!
  • Anne Creekmore
  • Mike Harris
  • Richard Webb
  • Rhonda Jane Jewell Found!
  • Phyllis White Found!
  • Earl Raymond Lee
If you would like to do a mailing to your class, contact Bev Sell,  and she can get you the mailing addresses on labels for your class.

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