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Good Old Cradock High

This site will be shut down in the very near future. If you see anything you would like to keep, please download it now.
Thank you for your support over the years.
The Rootsweb part will remain open, for now.

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Old Newspaper Articles
(Cradock's struggling beginnings)

January 1, 1919 Virginian-Pilot
(published as Virginian-Pilot AND THE NORFOLK LANDMARK)
Norfolk, Virginia | Page 11

Paradise Valley District, Now Known As Cradock

March 16, 1919 Virginian-Pilot
(published as Virginian-Pilot AND THE NORFOLK LANDMARK)
 Norfolk, Virginia | Page 19
Submits Plan For Operation Of New School
Deep Creek Board Tells Government Its Requirement In Regard To Cradock

September 15, 1920 Virginian-Pilot
(published as Virginian-Pilot AND THE NORFOLK LANDMARK)
Norfolk, Virginia | Page 15
Cradock To Open Its School Today

June 25, 1921 Virginian-Pilot
(published as Virginian-Pilot AND THE NORFOLK LANDMARK)
Norfolk, Virginia | Page 11
School Teacher Awarded Verdict

September 20, 1921 Virginian-Pilot
(published as Virginian-Pilot AND THE NORFOLK LANDMARK)
Norfolk, Virginia | Page 13
Conference Is Held On Cradock School Situation
Utilities Company Asked to Finance Institution, but finds it impossible
Assessment Of Each Resident Now Proposed

October 16, 1921 Virginian-Pilot
(published as Virginian-Pilot AND THE NORFOLK LANDMARK)
Norfolk, Virginia | Page 16

School Lists Many Pupils
Deep Creek Taking Care of Enrollment of More Than 300
Cradock Sends Large Number

October 19, 1921 Virginian-Pilot
(published as Virginian-Pilot AND THE NORFOLK LANDMARK)
Norfolk, Virginia | Page 15
School Principal Loses Her Action

Verdict Returned Against Mrs. Nannie Harding, Suing Cradock Council

February 12, 1922 Virginian-Pilot
(published as Virginian-Pilot AND THE NORFOLK LANDMARK) -
Norfolk, Virginia | Page 21
Conference Is Held On Cradock School Situation

May 26, 1922 Virginian-Pilot

(published as Virginian-Pilot AND THE NORFOLK LANDMARK)
Norfolk, Virginia | Page 13
Little Hope For Opening Cradock School Is Seen

August 30, 1922 Virginian-Pilot
(Published as Virginian-Pilot AND THE NORFOLK LANDMARK)-
Norfolk, Virginia | Page 22
Norfolk County  Will Take Over Cradock Utilites

September 5, 1922 Virginian-Pilot
(published as Virginian-Pilot AND THE NORFOLK LANDMARK)
Norfolk, Virginia | Page 12
Named Head Of School
J. S. Hudnall of Northumberland County, Selected As Principal

Take Me Back To The Sixties

(New 10-23-2014)

Inside the Afton Theatre

Courtesy Cradock Alumni and Friends Facebook page.

(New 10-22-2014)

Come Home to Cradock 2014 album

Courtesy Cradock Alumni and Friends Facebook page.

(New 10-21-2014)

A YouTube video that the Cradock ole' timers will enjoy.

Lost in the Fifties-Another Place-YouTube

(New 10-22-2014)

Back in 1964 John Smith's dad filmed the 1964 Cradock Homecoming Parade for his family and friends. This is a terrific home movie that features some of the Parade participants and some of the Cradock scenes of years gone by.

John Smith is a retired supervisory engineer from NAVFAC and a graduate of Bayside High School and ODU's Engineering School.

Thanks to John for sharing his video with us and his dad for that work 50 years ago.



Cradock Baptist Church - 95th Anniversary - October 19, 2014 - 11:00 AM Anniversary Worship Service followed by Lunch  

Bob Burroughs (Cradock HS Class of 1955) will be leading the CBC choir in an anthem he has composed for this 95th anniversary.  The anthem is entitled Psalm 95.  We are trying to get in contact with former choir members as well as former members, deacons, Sunday school teachers, etc. to join us in this celebration.  Esther Burroughs who is a well known author and speaker will speak at the 95th celebration on October 19th at 11:00 AM at Cradock Baptist.  Bob and Esther live in South Carolina and will be in Cradock the weekend of Come Home to Cradock and the 95th anniversary of Cradock Baptist Church.  For additional information, please contact the church office at 485-3500 or via email at 

Please spread the word and help Cradock Baptist Church locate former choir and church members to celebrate their 95th anniversary.

(New 06-15-2014)

For those of you who do not use Facebook, I have posted photos of the school demolition in two albums on this site. These photos were taken and posted on Facebook by Richard Huneycutt and Jimmy & Pauline Sitterson. If you really loved the building, then you must have a tissue ready, for this is a sad story for you.

Cradock High School Is Coming Down-Album 1

Cradock High School Is Coming Down-Album 2

(New 04-03-2014)

Okay class of 1964, it's your turn! Your 50 year reunion will be held the same weekend as Come Home to Cradock. Place and time: Ambassador Club, 6 - 10pm, Oct, 18, 2014. Register here
Apparently, the link to registration has not been working properly. I have deleted the previous link and copied a link submitted by the reunion committee. I hope this works better for everyone.

Click here to see flyer

The way we were in '64     Our Teachers

(New 04-14-2014)

All yearbook Faculty/Class pages that have been scanned can be found at this link
Cradock High School Yearbooks

The 1968, 1969 & 1970 yearbooks were scanned and donated by John Tate ('68)

(New 03-19-2014)

We have a new photo album. If you would like to share an old picture related to your days in Cradock, scan and email them to the Webmaster and they will be added.

Student Contributed Pictures

(New 02-13-2014)

Cradock Alma Mater

I bet you will sing along too!

(New 02-03-2014)

Read some old newspaper articles about Cradock or events in Cradock at this link. One newspaper referred to Cradock as an "orphan town."

(New 02-03-2014)

The Cradock Methodist Church 1975 Member Directory

(New 02-02-2014)

The Shipmate
Classes of 1949, 50 & 51 Newsletter
December 2013 issue is now available online.

(New 11-17-2013)

Jack Clark is researching the history of Virginia High School Wrestling to find the names of all the state competition first, second, and third place and fourth place winners from 1949 to present.
Jack claims that most of our wrestlers go unrecognized in the history books. He says that the Virginia High School League VHSL records are very incomplete and often wrong
Jack read recently that Cradock’s Ike Sherlock and Jackie Kennedy were inducted in the Northern Virginia chapter of the Wrestling Hall of Fame.
Jack has some other first names missing and the records from 1968 and 1969 are completely missing.
He says he is looking for wrestlers from Cradock from 1949-1969 to ask the following:
1) Do they have any records, newspaper clippings, etc. from 1949-1969?
2) Did a guy named Slater wrestle at 175 lbs for them in 1950 (3rd in state)?

3) What is the first name of B. Peacock in 1968?
4) What is the name of their coaches from this time period?
5) Is there anyone missing from this list that placed in state competition first, second, and third place winners in that time period?

Year Weight Place     Name                         School
1951     103      3rd      Armond Honeycutt      Cradock
1951     154      2nd     James Buck Cradock
1962     165      3rd      Jack Kennedy Cradock
1964     180      1st       Ike Sherlock Cradock
1965     180      2nd      Ike Sherlock Cradock
1966     112      3rd       Lonnie Parker             Cradock
1966     HWT   1st       Ike Sherlock                Cradock
1967   112      1st         Lonnie Parker              Cradock
1968   HWT   4th         B. Peacock                  Cradock
Please send any information you may have to Jack Clark in email.

Thanks for your help with this project to recognize wrestlers and Cradock and to get the Virginia High School League Record Books in order.

(New 10-18-2013)


G Robert Aston, Jr.


RSVP BY NOVEMBER 21, 2013 (click here for more information)

(New 10-18-2013)

The Shipmate
Classes of 1949, 50 & 51 Newsletter
September 2013 issue is now available online.

(New 07-13-2013)

The Shipmate
Classes of 1949, 50 & 51 Newsletter
June 2013 issue is now available online. (large pdf file-6 pages)


(New 04-19-2013)

Hello Class of "63, WOW! its hard to believe but its nearing the time to get ready for our 50th Class Reunion. Your committee has made plans for the class to gather on the weekend of Friday, Oct. 18th and Saturday, October 19th, 2013.

FRIDAY nights event, will be casual at the Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel and Waterfront Conference. There will be dinner, cash bar, DJ and dancing, the evening will begin for a social time starting at 6pm and dinner at 7pm. The cost for Friday will be $55.00 per person.

SATURDAY will begin with the "Come Home to Cradock celebration in Afton Square starting at 11am, See the for further info.
SATURDAY evening will be casual to dressy, again to be held at the Renassiance. There will be dinner, cash bar, DJ and music and a short program. We are also hoping that a number of our teachers can be present. A social time will begin at 6pm and dinner at 7pm. The cost again will be $55.00 per person.

There will be discounted lodging for our Class of "63 and must be made by August 15 in order to ensure the discount. You can call 757-673-3050 and ask for Cradock High School Class of "63.

We are working hard to make this a great weekend and to walk down memory lane, renew friendship and just have fun.

Please contact us if you have any questions, Sandra Cunningham Geabhart at 757-484-4976 or email her at, or contact Dianne Spence Ferebee at 757-285-2351 or email me at


(New 01-21-2013)
(Updated 04-05-2013)

Cradock Combined Reunion Announcement - October 2013

Every effort was made to hold this reunion the same weekend as Come Home to Cradock, but the committee was unable to secure a facility anywhere in the area for the third weekend of October. Information contact numbers are included. Click here to see flyer.

Click here to see flyer updated on April 5, 2013


Donna Jean Howard Collins,
CHS Class of '69

(New 10-26-2012)

It was a great day to be in Cradock on Saturday, Oct.20, 2012! The weather could not have been more perfect. Although it was 70 degrees and sunny, and not 68 degrees, we'll take it! Bob Cutchins, our Grand Marshall this year is an inspiration to us all. He graduated in the Class of 1940 and is still going strong. He has great stories to tell about growing up in Cradock and we hope to get some of them on video so we will have them to share.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the folks behind the scenes that make this event happen, planning through out the year. It takes a Committee to raise an event like this. Folks are so kind to tell me what a great job I've done, but believe me, it is much bigger than myself! Here are the folks that I'd like to give a Big Shout Out to for all their dedication to Cradock. These guys really have the Cradock Spirit.

Cindy Larsen Cook who keeps the checkbook, gets all the permits, orders wearables, sends out reminder e mails of meetings and a lot more Carol Galford Edwards helps line up the parade and coordinate classes.

Nancy Pauline Nelson Sitterson is our historian - collects and catalogs volumes of Cradock memorabilia, updating the Facebook page, inventories all wearables and stores all of the materials for the event.

Richard Huneycutt and Peggy Davis help with outreach to former teachers and coaches, lines up the parade and so much more.

Bill Watson makes the event happen. He makes sure the logistics for the event are taken care of. From getting the pavers into place, pitching tents, setting up tables and chairs to making sure the trash cans are emptied. Bill is on it and a great asset to our committee.

Others on the committee who add to making it all happen smoothly are: Mickey Evans, Ginnie Kinsey, Joanna Hall, Michael Turner, Sharon Catala, Tristyn Catala, Richard Hill and Bernie Kirsch who also keeps us updated on Facebook.

Thanks to the Class of '62 for their huge participation and support with paver memorials - congrats to them on their 50th Anniversary!

If you would like to be a part of this amazing committee, let us know and we'll send you an e mail to let you know when the next meeting will be. Contact me at

Then there are the Boy Scouts and the Cradock Little League who make sure we have food while having fun. Rumor has it that the Boy Scouts sold over 350 lbs of BBQ!

Looking ahead. Our focus must be on the Cradock Community and helping it to become the "Come Back Community"! We start with getting a roof on the Afton Theater. Together we can, and will make this happen! Let's keep the Cradock Spirit Alive! Join us!

See you next year on Saturday, Oct 19, 2013.

Bev Sell
President Alumni and Friends of Cradock

(New 06-10-2012)

Former Cradock Webmaster Dies

Working with Bud Bonner was always a delightful experience. He was thoughtful in his responses, innovative in his work, a gentleman always.

For several years Bud managed the web site as its Webmaster. He was responsible for putting this website on the high road to being one of the best and most informative high school volunteer managed websites in the country.

Bud loved Cradock and its people and they loved him. He will be mightily missed by many people.

Rest in Peace Bud Bonner, will remain in our hearts.

(New 06-10-2012)

Last Ride of the Ferry Like a Funeral Cortège

(New 04-29-2012)

Vietnam Wall - individuals from Portsmouth

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