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Cradock Alumni and Friends Homepage

Cradock Alumni and Friends Homepage

Check out our exciting PAVER PROGRAM!
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4 X 8 Paver Order Form (.PDF format)

8 X 8 Paver Order Form (.PDF format)

(Print and mail completed form)
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All those who have attended our Come Home to Cradock celebrations have witnessed the beautiful Paver installation at the historic Cradock Gazebo. 266 engraved Pavers have been placed to honor the lives and memories of family members, friends, and classmates.

If you would like to purchase a Paver, please submit your order to the address listed at the bottom of the order form. If you get a chance to visit Cradock, be sure to stop and see just how beautiful these Pavers really are.

Cradock Alumni and Friends Homepage

To order a Paver in memory of a loved one, to honor someone, for yourself or any other reason contact
Cindy Cook or Bev Sell



Thank You, to All Who Have Contributed to this Website

Robin Gray-Class of 1986- Webmaster (Retired)

Bud Bonner -Class of 1964-Webmaster (Retired)

Glenn Stephens-Class of 1974- Webmaster (Retired)

Graphics provided by Bud Bonner

Sketch of Cradock High School by Graphic Artist, Mike Long

Photos provided by Various Classmates