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Cradock High School 1954 - 1992
Cradock High School
1954 - 1992
Artist: Mike Long
Class of 1974
Cradock High School 1919 - 1954
1919 - 1954
Cradock High School & Elementary School
The "original" on Alden Ave.
First Session - 1920
1954 Land

Land for the new Cradock High School
Construction between 1952 - 1954

2014 Land

Land for the new Cradock High School 60 years later. School was demolished in 2014


In 1999, several of the alumni got together to see if there was something we could do to help the Cradock community. Since we no longer had a high school to rally behind, we thought helping revitalize, restore and preserve the Cradock community was a worthwhile cause not only for the Alumni but for the city as well. Since then we have incorporated as a 501c4 non profit and we are in the process of developing a Comprehensive Plan for this effort.
Our mission statement is, ”to restore the social and economic vitality of historic Cradock and to promote the neighborhood as an effective model of sustainable community design and development.”
Each year we hold a Fall Fundraiser , Come Home to Cradock, for the community and the Alumni. This event helps to raise funds and awareness of the Cradock community. It also provides ALL Cradock alumni with an event to tie into for their separate reunions. Many classes do not have class reunions and this gives them the opportunity to Come Home to Cradock and celebrate the rebirth.
This event grows each year as more and more folks get involved. In 2003, for the 85th Anniversary of the Cradock Community, we were able to bring the Great Great Niece of Sir Christopher Cradock from Cowes, England to participate in this event. Dr. Corran Laurens was quite taken with the Cradock community and the efforts of the Alumni & Friends to help revitalize Cradock. She hopes to return and has mentioned she would like to live in Cradock some day.
It will take more than events to revitalize the Cradock community. From the Alumni & Friends of Cradock has grown a 501(c)3 non profit organization, Cradock Preservation & Revitalization (C.P.R. breathing new life into an old community). This organization is made up of Cradock alumni and professionals willing to do the work that must happen if we are to save this beloved community.

Note from Dr. Corran Laurens


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