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 First Cradock High School

 First Cradock High School The original building for Cradock High School was built in 1918 on the site of the current Cradock Middle School (at one time named Alf J. Mapp Junior High). The first school session was held in 1920 with 16 teachers and 546 students in grades 1 through 11. The school was named for Sir Christopher George Francis Maurice Cradock, Admiral in the British Navy, who went down with his ship off the coast of Chile in 1914. The Class of 1952 was unique in that it was the first class required to complete 12 years of schooling in order to graduate. Those who began school at the "Cradock High and Elementary School" in 1940 would have the additional year, called 8th grade. All of those students were bussed to Alexander Park School. During that year they had their own sports teams, proms, May Day, and matured into upcoming Freshmen and returned to "Cradock High School" in the Fall of 1948.

             Anchor Cradock High School

The second building for Cradock High School was built in 1954. It housed grades 7 through 12. In 1979, the Norfolk Naval Shipyard presented the "Anchor of Friendship" to the school. Also dedicated to the school was a ship's bell from the USS Gettysburg. The "Victory Bell" was always struck 7 times after each athletic victory. When the final bell rang at Cradock in 1992, it was one of only two high schools in the area that housed 8th grade.

Since 1937, Cradock High School produced 8,502 graduates. Many of us have since left the area to go on to other things. But no matter how far we travel, CHS will always be home. For it is gone, but not forgotten.

Robin Gray, c/o '86, and Frank DuPriest, c/o '52

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