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Gail Edwards Baker's Newsletter
June 28, 2007

For those of you who did not make it on Saturday you missed a great funeral! Grace Blow Nelson (59) Butch's sister had catered finger food and punch in the Fellowship Hall of Cradock Methodist after the service. Well, as was so typical for Butch…..he was late for his own funeral! The van bringing the organist, tablecloths and Butch lost a wheel on the way to Portsmouth and had to turn around and go back for repairs. Grace had us go the Fellowship Hall while we waited on Butch and that's exactly what we did…….we enjoyed our fellowship with each other and shared lots of Butch stories which resulted in lots of laughter. After being away from Portsmouth for 40 plus years Butch would have been impressed with the number of people who attended to honor him and probably surprised at the number of emails and condolences sent. The Class of 62 sent their regular maroon and gold flower arrangement once again done beautifully by Pat Custer (62) and Hughes Florist. It was great to see Walter Credle, Donald Barnes, Danny Hodges, Jan Bateman, Jon Belding, Don Lusk, Jackie Morris, Sandra Nethery, Martha Rea Butler, Joyce Blake, Eddie House, Kat Leary, David Hall, Ray Harrell, Tommy Sitz, Alan Baker all from the Class of 62; And from other classes Tommy Leary (60), Karla Grant (63), John Sitz (61), Margaret Sitz (67), Brenda Bentley (64); Carolyn Briggs (59) and Joan Spear (58). Several of Butch's co-workers and his supervisor came down from D.C. for the service also. There will be another memorial service held at the Smithsonian in August. Butch was well known throughout the international community and recognized as one of the top five experts on fossil crabs.

After the service Jackie and Martha Morris, Donald and Margaret Barnes, Kat Leary, Karla Grant, Ray Harrell, Eddie and Anita House, Danny and Olivia Hodges, Alan and I headed for Eastside Pizza on Portsmouth Blvd. (across from Long John's). Martha Morris called on the way over and they had a table set up for us in the back. I had not been there before. Another place I can recommend for great food and laid back atmosphere. We toasted Butch a time or two, ate ourselves silly and laughed a lot. While at the restaurant Doris Grant (59) called from California to chit chat. Alan Baker (62), Karla Grant (63) and Doris Grant (59) are first cousins.

Letty Lucas (62) shared her Butch story via email "Here's my Butch story: I came back for the 20th first, and he helped me want to come again. He told me he had a crush on me in high school, and that the reason he never married was that he never found another girl like me. (one of the sweetest compliments or fibs a person could be told) Bless him. Each time we spoke he always seemed interested in me and my life. He was the man with the exciting life in a dynamic city, working at the Smithsonian...could life be better. Yet he had that way about him that said in words and demeanor..."I'm glad to be talking to you and you are important to me". What a gift that is to be able to make people feel special. Yet, he was the special one. So dear to all of us. Butch...we will miss you so much.

Heard from Eileen Beasley (62) who had been up here in my neck of the woods " Son Michael who is almost 27 works for the Patent and Trade Mark Office and is now the proud owner of a brand new condo in Alexandria. It is directly across the street from the Huntington Metro Station. He is one of those who can always keep you laughing even when you are ready to kill him.

When I walked into the apartment Thursday afternoon and found out that he had done absolutely nothing to get ready for the move and had two weeks worth of laundry to do and that the movers were coming on Sunday I was about ready to do just that. Needless to say I didn't kill him and we both survived the move. He now is the proud owner of a one bedroom condo with a kitchen to die for while I am still living with a 40 year old kitchen. At least mine is paid for. I still have one son still at home, Jonathan is 25 and is a Network Engineer for the Norfolk Public Schools. I don't think he will ever move out. I keep praying that the right girl will come along and take him off my hands." This is an advertisement for Eileen! Anyone with a single daughter? Richard Flythe (62) who rarely writes wrote "I retired back in 1990, but found a job after the Army as a Operations Manager in a mall. The big question is when will I retire again? That I do not know as Jane sees me enough as it is, and I am not sure she could handle 40 additional hours per week...As you are aware we are in Gamecock Country with Steve Spurrier et al. I love to tell people that I played HS football/went to HS with JR Wilburn. Glyndal Gay (62) and hubby live on Hilton Head Island and we had dinner with them last summer while on vacation. We talk by email from time to time."

And our newest Biker Chick Janice Hughes (62) wrote "I was out of town last weekend (June 23rd) - at Nags Head. Westley (her daughter) and family were down there so I went to be with them. I'm going out of town this weekend also - going to Roanoke to visit some friends and to ride the Parkway on our bikes. No, we are not riding them that far, but trailering them and ride after we get there. Did I tell you we are riding to Westley's the first weekend in August, yes, on the bikes. Going up Route 17 and then to Route 1 to Stafford. If you are home that weekend we will ride over to see you. We are planning on going up and riding the George Washington Parkway. That's all I know right now, so I will talk at you later." Pretty soon Janice will be joining the Vietnam Veteran's on their bike ride up here……I'll bring the camera.

Richard Bentley (62) wrote concerning Butch's memorial service "Sorry, I am so late in answering you, but no I am unable to make it down there this week end. I do plan on being down there the 30th to see my sister Gloria (class of '67). She is being tested now for a possible heart transplant." Let's keep Gloria in our prayers.

Received pictures from Kat Leary (62) of brothers Richard (55) and Tommy (60) in Mrs. Leary's backyard earlier this month and of course she had to send one of the new grandson, Andrew at six months on 10 June.

(Note: Click the pic below for a larger version)

The Learys

(Note: Click the pic below for a larger version)


Charles Gould (60) left for an Alaskan trip on the 24th and will be back 1 July. I hear it is beautiful there. Maybe he'll share pictures on his return. A sincere thank you to Bob and Linda (Martin) Quinn (61) for keeping me in sleeping apparel. I received another shipment of "Race with the Big Dogs" tee shirts advertising their Go-Karts in Nags Head & Corolla. My previous ones had about had it. Those large tee shirts make the best night gowns.

Note from Doug & Ann Wentz (62) in Mississippi : "We are fine here. Just came back from WV to see his brothers and it is a long trip to do in just a few days. It takes a while to just get our energy back and to make up to the cat for being gone" George Williams (61)writes "We are doing fine and trying to move and cut flowers at the same time.

Like chewing gum and walking straight, hard to do. We are growing more flowers than ever and getting used to working 6.5 days a week. We need to move to a farm where we can grow asparagus and strawberries and more produce. This farm is not for perennials because of the flooding but it is one Great Place To Live and have fun. We will miss it. Will keep you in touch about the move." George and his wife are looking at the Colonial Beach area. Good…. closer to me. Dinky Jackson (62) moved before the end of our senior year but he still stays in touch "I'm in NC about 8 miles east of Murfreesboro and 30 miles west of Roanoke Rapids. Weather for the last two days been nice, around 80 with just the right touch of wind to keep the bugs away." Dinky sent the Williams Court Kindergarten picture asking for help identifying people. First, click this link... Williams Court Kindergarten. Look at the picture and see if you can tell us who any of these kids are. There are underlines that have to be typed in between wms_ct_kndgrtn so be sure to include them or it won't work.


(Note: Click the pic below for a larger version)


Rita Hall (63) has come back into the fold "I used to get your newsletter in Washington, D C , but after I retired and moved to Va. Beach, I lost touch. THEN, my sister- Joann Hall Harris, of Chesterfield, Va. (Class of 59), mentioned that she continued to get your newsletter and I immediately asked her to please forward it to me as I had lost touch with my former classmates, and also with your sister, one of my best friends at Cradock, Deanna. I would be so appreciative if you could once again put me on the mailing list for your newsletter. "Life is good" here at the beach--we were gone for 35 years and finally found our way back home!!! I have one other question.... Does anyone know anything about Mr. Blake, the drama teacher???? " Anyone heard from Mr. Blake lately?

Leroy Curtis (61) is back in Kenya until mid July overseeing and teaching at several of the Bible College locations they helped to set up while there before. Judy is dividing her time between Costa Rica and the US. Keep them in your prayers as they travel the globe. I keep mentioning how "incestuous" Cradock is….we're all related one way or another or someone's child is works for…..Ronnie Seidman's (61) son Ron is now working for Bobby and Linda Quinn's business in Nags Head and really enjoying himself and its safer than policing tourist in the Outer Banks.

Pearl Zucker (62) is doing well and catering lots of June weddings. At the risk of offending Janice Hughes Ronnie Fortune (62) wrote from Florida: "Can't believe Janice Hughes is on a Harley !I have a Screaming Eagle Ultraglide and A Thunder Mountain Chopper. Getting a little too tender butted for the chopper but the Ultra is great. Had the Chopper up to Rolling Thunder last year, I made the ride in, but had to trade my youngest son Chris (25) for his Road King for the ride back to the motor home in Fredericksburg" The Bill Smith (62)added his two cents from Tennessee "Enjoy the "HARDLY " if you can. I'll stick with my "touring machine" so I can TRULY enjoy riding. I'm on my fourth Goldwing now & each of the others had over 100K miles on them when traded or sold. I'm not going to knock the Harleys. I've owned three of them also. Bought my first Goldwing in '78 & never looked back. Since they're built in Ohio, they're called "the other American built motorcycle". 500 to 600 miles a day is not uncommon at all for many of my chapter members when on vacation (I'm Chapter Director of the Goldwing Road Riders Association, Chapter V in Chattanooga, Tn.). Eight of our "Wingers" went to Alaska last year & about 30 from our area are going to Billings, Montana for the International rally later this summer. If you REALLY enjoy the freedom and thrill of biking, try a Goldwing out. They're smooth, quiet, and DEPENDABLE. Harleys have come a long way, but they still can't even start to compete with a Goldwing"

Now why can't all of you follow Tommy Chilton's example and keep me updated this way? " Just wanted to give you and others an update on the Chiltons. Marilyn ('58) and I ('56) have moved to Lynchburg, Va. I retired from Hollomon Brown & Snellings Funeral Homes in 2004 and Marilyn sold her business "Party Cakes 'n Things" in Va. Beach to our son, Bill. Our address is 2016 Burnt Bridge Rd. Lynchburg, Va. 24503. We are enjoying traveling to see our children (4), grandchildren (6), and great grandchildren (3). We love to cruise! In fact we are going on a cruise the first week of June out of Norfolk to Bermuda with Marilyn's sister, Pat (Bazemore)('61) & husband Roger Niesen, Jack Gordon ('54) and wife Faye. Pat moved back to Portsmouth in 2004 and her address is 475 Water Street, Unit 205, Portsmouth, Va 23704. We all do a lot of traveling to Jacksonville, Florida to see both their mom (Isabel Bazemore) who is in assisted living there, and their brother Bill Bazemore ('63). John Chilton ('63) still lives in Portsmouth with wife Ginny Jondrow. Barbara (Chilton) Stenstrom ('61) is way up in Asheville, NC."

Don Caffee (59)wrote: "So many things to remember! I've had to create a Word document to update with all my user-ids and passwords. Now, if only I could remember the name of that document...In the good news department I learned that up to 80% of the liver can be removed and can regenerate itself in as little as two weeks! Some hospitals "let" the patient go home in as few as two days if the operation is done laparoscopically, or four days if done via open surgery. Insurance companies must love that hospital! I checked into the diet following surgery - the doc's comments about my not liking my food got me to thinking about what kind of food they would have me eating - and I found that there is no special diet, just whatever you normally ate before the operation. Only bummer, and understandably so, is there can be no alcohol for six weeks after surgery. It also said not to lift anything heavier than a milk bottle for six weeks. Milk bottle? We get ours in gallon jugs and they are about eight pounds if I remember my science stuff correctly ("a pint's a pound the world around"). I have seen milk bottles in some grocery stores but haven't bought milk in one since we had home delivery in the 40's from Pine Grove Dairy. Do you remember "Piney" the Pine Grove Dairy Man on TV commercials? That was Ray Turner, whose story is an inspiration in case you don't recall it. Ray started out as an usher at the Gates Theatre on High Street. He eventually got a part-time job on a local radio station - his voice was great for announcing and commercials. He moved up to TV commercials and made his way to being President of WTAR Radio & TV. During the late 50's he was also the Civil Defense Coordinator for Portsmouth and spoke at our Science Club meeting once. He was a devout believer and received the call from God to go into the ministry, requiring more schooling. He did this while still working at WTAR, then left his $25K/year job at WTAR (a fortune in those days), was ordained in the Methodist Church and given a low-paying pastorate at Pinner's Point Methodist Church. This took a lot of gumption for someone with several small kids to support. He went on from there to larger churches. Mary and I attended his church when we first moved to Richmond in 1966. It was located near the Fan District and RPI (now part of VCU). We moved away from there in 1967 for a couple of months and heard that the church had burned. The last I heard was that he had broken away from the Methodist Church and started his own independent church on Southside Richmond. I haven't heard about him since that time but think of him often as someone who gave up a high position for a life of service. There's no charge for that bit of trivia. I have no idea why I can remember that and don't know what I had for breakfast." Don had Liver resection scheduled for 8:45 AM Wednesday (yesterday) at Duke, should take 4-5 hours. I called his house this morning for an update but I'm sure wife is with him at Duke. Will let you know more as soon as I do. You can send "Cheer Up, Get Well cards to: Don Caffee, 417 Ole Towne Drive, Sanford, NC 27330

I keep reminding you guys to go to Glenn (74) is doing a wonderful job of keeping it updated. You can post messages, ask about people, and see the newsletters with the pictures for easier viewing. I'm not smart enough to do it the way Glenn (74) does. This website is a great way to get out information about reunions, events, birthdays etc.

Heard from Freddie Bowen (62) "I retired in Jan. 05 and was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in Feb. of this year, (not a good way to start your retirement). If things go as planned I will be at MCV later this summer for a bone marrow transplant, giving me my best chance for a few good years before heading out of Dodge. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers during the trying days ahead in hoping that all goes well." Send notes to Freddie whenever you think of it to:
405 Concord Rd., Portsmouth, VA 23701

No newsletter would be complete without a Bonita Wood (62) input "This has been one of the worst times of our lives....Jim had his third back surgery in 27 months. The pain he experienced was almost unbearable and recovery has been very, very slow. It has taken a toll on both of us. His cancer has spread to his bones and he has a large mass of lymph nodes forming a big clump near his kidney. We will get test results tomorrow to see if anything else is going on.

He also has a bacterial infection that I think is finally clearing up. The twins turned 16 and want to drive, which makes this the worst time of our life..(just kidding) Sickness I can put up with but two kids driving.....well, that is the worst." See nothing changes…..Anyone that has 16 year old twins at our age deserves them driving her nuts….it'll take at least five more years before they believe she has any sense at all.. then again with it being Bonita they just may put her in a home. And to add insult to injury received this from her today: (By the way, our son, Christian...31yrs. old just had his appendix out last week, too)" I'd appreciate getting updates from you guys in the other classes. Can't share if I don't hear. D.C. has been extremely hot and humid this week. Looks as if summer is actually here. Remember: If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments.

Have a good weekend,
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Gail Edwards Baker's Newsletter
June 1, 2007

Just a quick note since it has been sooo loooong since my last newsletter. I'm only sharing good news in this note along with a couple of pictures.

Suzie Shinault (62) wrote from Florida "I miss my classmate friends so much. I missed the last gathering and I feel so sorry that I did not attend. I have slowed down on my nursing job. I am still heavily involved with the entertainer tour busses. We just had Kenny Loggins an oldie out. They keep me busy. My grandson is serving in Iraq he wants to come home for his R&R. He was extended for 90 days by the Army. My other grandsons the twins will graduate this year from Land O' Lakes High School in Florida. I suppose that means two graduation presents are in order. My other grandson marched in the Rose Bowl parade New Years day. I am proud of them. I have about 25 cows now and one lone horse. My husband is a car collecting idiot. I would prefer to collect money.... that sounds good. Will send a pic of me in front of the Ford GT one of his toys. I just think of our High School years how simple things were. I don't think we felt that way at that time".

(Note: Click the pic below for a larger version)


Barry Cole (62) moved to Texas and wrote "This Sunday (4/15/07) I went to the NASCAR race at the Dallas Speedway. I got to meet Joe Gibbs, the owner of the #11, #18 and the #20 car and the Washington Redskin coach. Joe is one of the nicest men you could meet. Below is a picture taken Sunday of Joe Gibbs and me at the Dallas Speedway".

(Note: Click the pic below for a larger version)

Barry and Joe

And good ole Virginia Moy (62) sent this great picture of 4 generations, and wrote "Of course the older woman is my Mom she is 91, my daughter Gia, and the cutie is her daughter Sydney, 3. I was down the Outer Banks this weekend baby-sitting for the wkend. Either her mother in law, who owns a house down the street from them has to go on the wkends to babysit so they both can work, or I have to be on call to go when they can't. I am going down again this wkend, my turn again. We try and take the pictures as often as possible as my Mom is aging fast but still lives alone and takes care of herself. My brother helps a lot too. My daughter and her husband Ty own Boardwok, South, in Rodanthe, NC on your way to Hatteras. It's exactly a two and one half hour drive for me each way but the car is auto pilot by now as I have made so many trips. They do a great business as your other choices in their town is either pizza or hot dogs. The school system is terrible for them so I am hoping when the little one starts school they may come back here, maybe another Boardwok here, I wish. I went with my brother over to Dockside, Shore drive, to hear Jerry Canada, DJ with some shaggers, it was fun, only danced once and made a complete mess of that but I will keep trying. It's like riding a bike right? I use to love to dance, surely it will eventually come back, loved the old songs. He DJ's every first and last Sun. of the month from 4-8pm. Send some people I know over if you know of anyone that likes to shag.."

(Note: Click the pic below for a larger version)

Virginia Moy and Family

When I sent out the email informing of Muriel Kenney Wright's death, Don Caffee (59) responded "Thanks for keeping us informed. I didn't know Mrs. Wright but did know Billy. He and my brother played in dance bands together way back when. He was a senior in band when I joined in 9th grade, and was infamous for having thrown a drum stick at Mr. Lindsey the band director - nearly got him, too! I'm sorry to hear of his loss. I trust you are well and that the heavy traffic isn't getting to you too bad. I no longer have to endure those long commutes to Coty. That seven-mile trek seemed to get longer and longer as traffic got unbearable around here - upwards of 20 minutes on some days :) Now, I only go on that side of town to visit Wal-mart and admire the hand-shaking techniques of the greeters." Don always was a smart aleck.

And a great feel good story from Donna Wiggs (61) "I just got a call from Bobby Bracey (62)and he wanted to share with me a great story about Glenda's class ring. 35 years ago their house was burglarized and one of the things taken was her class ring. Today Bobby got a call from Walter Hudgins that he had received a call from the Jewelry Co. that sold the ring to Glenda Hewlett Bracey (62) some 41 years ago, that a man in Houston, Tx had found her ring (with initials in it) in his wife's things (she was deceased) and wanted to return it to the owner. The ring is in the mail to Bobby and as he too is missing his wife, Glenda, she died two years ago. It meant so very much to him. I am not on Gail's email list, so I wished that you would share this news with her so that she could pass it on to the Cradock class mates. We thank Walker Hudgins for doing this. We are close group aren't we!" Well Donna is back on the mailing list. When you guys change your carriers if you don't tell me your new address and I keep getting email returned I delete it.

Janice Hughes (62) moved back to Portsmouth and is back in the "Cake Business". Email her your order when the next birthday, graduation or whatever comes around.

Kirk Wood (62) is finally getting old! He became a grandfather on April 28th! Son Doug and wife Kristen welcomed Ryan Eliska Wood in at 7 pounds 4 oz and 20 and 1/2 inches long.

Can't send out a note without a comment from Ronnie Seidman (61) "Hi Gail, I have not heard a lot from you lately, so I thought I would check your pulse! We are cranking up for the 100 day war down here on the Outer Banks, but believe it or not, I am looking forward to the tourist this year. Amazing how your perspective changes, when tourism starts putting money in your pocket. We have added "end of rental" Inspections to the services we offer through our OBX Division, We recently agreed to perform weekly end of rental inspections for one of the local real estate companies, so with the other services that we provide, we are going to be busy. Now I know what you are about to say, "I thought you Retired"! Retirement can be fun, and profitable, depending on your outlook on life! I recently submitted an application to set up toll booths on the Wright Memorial Bridge, with a 60/40 split with the State of North Carolina. If our Application is approved, we are going to set up a "Welcome To The Outer Banks" Division of our company (OBX NC Associates), to manage the collection of the tolls. Gale, do not worry, I will send you free tickets, so you will not have to pay the $5.00 Toll.

Did I ever tell you that I obtained an Amateur Radio Operators License when I moved down here? I was amazed that I could even pass the FCC test! My call sign is W1OBX. I really do not know any thing about radios, except how to push the button and talk, but it comes in handy when we loose all forms of communication. I am headed to the Monday HAM Radio meeting and lunch, at the Black Pelican, so I need to run. Take care of yourself, and remember, the only way you will know that you are old, is if you look in the mirror! I keep all of my mirrors covered!"



Hope you can download all the pictures. I said this would be short and only good and happy news. Gosh knows I send out enough sad. Been a long time since I've heard from a lot of you! Write. Heading for Portsmouth this weekend to Mom & Dad's.

Have a good weekend,

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Gail Edwards Baker's Newsletter
June 2, 2007

Nice note from Joyce Blake (62) thanking all of you for the assistance you have given her daughter Susan in response to the mention in the last news memo repeated here: "Received in the mail Tuesday 16 May more good news. A letter from Susan Amory daughter of Joyce Blake (62) & Hugh Amory (57) sharing some really special news. "...take this opportunity to tell you about the exciting new challenge in my life. I am training for the Nike Women's Marathon as a member of the Virginia Chapter's Team in Training Program on behalf of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! As most of you know, I was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin's Lymphoma in fall of 2005. After twelve rounds of intense chemotherapy I'm thankful to say I have been cancer free now for almost a year! I'm hoping to make a difference in someone else's life now just as so many did for me in my time of need." Susan's goal is to raise $4500 to help the Society provide direct support to patients and their families. You can go online at All donations are tax deductible. Let's see if we can get Susan to her monetary goal with the old Cradock try!" After the note went out Dad Hugh Amory (57) mentioned some people do not like to use their credit cards on line so for you I'm furnishing Susan's mailing address. Make the check out to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and mail to Susan Amory, 749 Maury Avenue, #9, Norfolk 23517.

Heard from Andrea Horton (62) "Nice to hear from you and catch up on news from our classmates. I'm back at work, but only for the summer. And you can bet it is a fun job or I wouldn't be here! So, I am spending my summer at the Boy Scouts of America High Adventure Camp in Islamorada, FL. Since I lived in Guantanamo Bay, I can't get enough of scuba diving so this will give me lots of time in the water. And we have some wonderful folks here, adults and scouts!

My youngest daughter graduated from Culinary Arts School in Detroit last month. I attended the ceremony and enjoyed every minute of it; not to mention the wonderful food. Her goal is to work for Ritz-Carlton, does anyone have a connection? Take care and keep in touch! When are you retiring? With gas prices they way they are, who can afford it?" Andrea is right about the gas prices.....the WAWA down the road from us went up 7 cents from Friday night to Sunday night! Who did we go to war with this weekend? Back to Andrea's question....does anyone have a connection? Everyone at work makes fun of me and swears I start all my sentences with "I went to school with...." I can't help it all of you people are so diversified you know of someone, somewhere connected with everything so I emailed Monroe Duncan (58) who is probably the best chef in the whole world of course emailed me right back with a link to the Ritz-Carlton. Doesn't mean she'll get a job but every little bit of information helps right? I just love that Andrea is staying busy with scuba diving. The closest I come to that type of activity is diving for the lemon in my water glass!

Another adventurous lady Janice Hughes (62) wrote "I went to Myrtle Beach Bike Week last week, On Mothers Day we rode to Charleston, S.C. for a day trip. Looked around the old town where they make the straw baskets and had lunch. Then we rode back to M.B., got caught in a rain storm (that was a first for me, not fun). We pulled off in a service station until it slowed down and went on. It was 90 miles there and 90 miles back, so we were gone most of the day. I am loving it - the most fun I've had in my life, next to the years I had with Jack. We are planning a weekend trip to Westley's (My area) this summer, going to go up Route 17 to Route 1 and to Stafford. Maybe I can see you if you are home that weekend. We are leaving on May 29 to go to Dover, Delaware for the Nascar race, we're taking the bikes with so we can ride while we're there. That's all the bike news I have for now, I'll talk to you again soon." My friend the biker chick!

Don Taylor (59) sent me a great video of the sixties which prompted me to write him back and question both of our sanities for still working at our ripe old age and he replied "I'll only be 66 in July. I'm planning to retire in Jan 08. Fifty two years is long enough to work. The reason that I'm still working is that my wife's mother is in an assisted living home in Portsmouth, The Mayfair House. She has Dementia and can't remember what she ate 15 minutes ago. She only gets about $1,200 per month so my brother-in-law and I are subsidizing about $525 each a month, including medication and hair appointments, for her to be there. She doesn't make enough money to be in a really nice place, but too much to qualify for Medicaid. If she did qualify for Medicaid, The Mayfair House doesn't accept Medicaid assistance, so we would have to relocate her. Anytime you relocate them, they are in a total confused state. She just turned 90 years old in April this year. I told my wife that she will probably outlive us both. You do what you have to do. She helped us a lot when we were first married and babysat our 4 kids."

Corresponding with John Casteen (61) I mentioned I was concerned for Tommy Sitz (62) during the reporting of the tragedy at Va. Tech. Tommy still teaches there and until they reported the names of the slain professors I had my fingers crossed for him and included the note to John "to be careful out there" and John responded "I knew several of the victims at Virginia Tech, and went down there for the events held on the day after the meeting. Awful events, but what uncommon dignity in the face of horror. We put VT's seal on the cover of the alumni magazine this summer (for those of you who may have forgotten John is at U. of VA). The reaction is positive and powerful. As for the caution about my being careful out there--yep, but how sad to have to let go the notion that schools or colleges are places of safety for young people. Best, J" I really wouldn't want to go back in time but there is a lot to be said for our naivety and lack of violence 50 years ago.

I love when I hear from Kay Schugeld (55). It always reminds me of no matter how far we have advanced technologically we're still a small world that now can communicate with itself easier. Kay works for SPAWARSYSCOM in Charleston, SC and I'm at NAVSEASYSCOM in D.C. and yep there is a connection. Kay wrote "Thank you so much for taking the time to keep everyone informed, not living in Portsmouth anymore I only get to catch up when I come home to see my Brother Allan Schugeld class of 1950, it sure helps to receive your letters, keep up the good work. Hope to get up there this year for it((coming Home to Cradock) wanted to last year but my niece got married on Dec 16th and since that was my birthday I came up for that instead. Have a great week-end I am going to see the tall ships tomorrow, rest and recuperate Sunday and come back to the old grind Monday."

Richard Huneycutt (60) recommends hip replacement surgery to all of you that have been putting it off! He headed to Las Vegas for a little R & R six weeks after surgery! Attached is a picture of he and Peggy Wooten (58) looking like he doesn't have a care or pain in the world. Glad everything turned out well for him.

(Note: Click the pic below for a larger version)

Richard and Peggy in Vegas!

I hadn't heard from the Class of 56 for awhile so it was good to hear from Barbara Tarkington: "A little about us. Cliff & I have 4 daughters, 6 grandsons and 4 grand-daughters. They are all between the ages of 10 and 21- and are more like brothers and sisters, than cousins. Cliff & I have been married for 50 years, this past Valentine's day. For our anniversary, we decided to go back to the Southwest- El Paso and over to New Mexico, where we did some rock hounding; which was a lot fo fun. Then on to Albuquerque for a hot air balloon ride, also a lot fo fun and enjoying the national parks. We also went to Arizona. When we got back, our kids had an anniversary party for us at the Virginia Beach Resort hotel- beautiful. So we celebrated for 2 weeks. Cliff is in real estate, has been for 38 years; which I had done for 14 years, but have been doing tour hosting since 1996- and enjoy it immensely. I have a lot of repeat travelers. I love to swim, travel, do research and enjoy time with my family. Do you know if there are any books written about Cradock and around the time of our graduation?"

No newsletter is ever complete without a word from Ronnie Seidman (61) "Hope all is well in your world! We are doing Great! Thought I would share the following with you: Stopped by the local gas station the other day to fill my Honda Hybrid, which I fill about every month and a half, and there were two woman from New York pumping gas in the car next to mine. They were complaining about the gas prices in North Carolina, and how they expected them to be much lower than the prices in New York. I then drove over to the local Food Lion, and yep, while I was shopping I over heard another group of northern "Tourist" complaining about the food prices. I think there must be something in the water up north that triggers the complaint process in their brains. The gas and the food down here is much cheaper than it is up north, and so is our real estate and taxes? Maybe I am just not seeing the big picture, whatever that is! If they think the prices are bad now, wait till I start collecting Toll on the Wright Memorial Bridge! Cindy and I have been really busy on the weekends lately, performing "End of Rental" Inspections! Cindy owns half of our Company, OBX NC Associates, and still works for BB&T part time as a Senior Teller. She is my "guiding light"! I have no idea how she keeps up with all of this! If you know of anyone who owns a house or houses on the Outer Banks, tell them to take a look at our web site, . I was inspecting a house Saturday that sits on the beach, and when I walked out on the deck that faces the ocean, I immediately fell over one of the deck chairs. When women go to the beach and take off their tops, do they think they are invisible? My son Ron (27) was working for our company as an International Security Specialist. Bobby and Linda Quinn (61) offered him a job, which he excepted, and is now working full time for them. Cindy and I are very happy that he is working for Bobby and Linda, because like most parents, we do not want him injured, and we would like for his head to remain on his shoulders! Take care of yourself, put on the sun screen, and keep your top on!" I would never take my top off on the beach....and have everyone coming up to me saying Hey Buddy you have a match?" I don't think so.

When I give you guys websites to look at please do. Even if it is a service that you might not need or use it often has info about one of your classmates or their children and so it is always interesting.

And Don Caffee (59) keeps up with me and loves to rub in that he is no longer commuting and I am..."Then on another note - my follow up visit to Duke this week confirmed that I need to have more surgery to get rid of the rest of the carcinoid crud. It is confined to the liver and that's good news; I can lose some of that and it will regenerate itself to some extent. June 27 they are scheduled to remove the right lobe of my liver. Depending on the procedure used - partially laparascopicically or full open surgery - the recuperation will be 6-12 weeks or so. Regardless of the procedure used the nurse and doctor said I should have no problem being strong enough to take our scheduled fall bus trip to New England. The doc said I'll feel puny and not like my food (yeah, like THAT's going to happen!). The success rate is pretty high for this procedure so we're optimistic that I'll be around another bunch of years. The surgeon is head of the liver surgery department (I wonder if they have one for every organ...) and has a great reputation internationally, not just around the Duke region. That helps give me a warm fuzzy about the operation. The procedure does, however, lend a whole new dimension to the phrase, "What am I - chopped liver?" Mary said I could move the PC downstairs while I recuperate so I'll try to stay up with the happenings in the world while homebound. Keep up the good work of spreading the news. If our church were as good as you at it we'd have the whole county as members. Keep up with Don through his chopped liver process---his email address is Don also through this in as an afterthought: This strip from a few days ago sticks in my mind as representative of the hopes and dreams of many of us from years gone by. Now, in retirement, we are finally able to live that dream.

I keep telling you guys if you don't want these letters sent to you let me know. This is as close as I'm going to get to fame and fortune. Nyoka White (61) emails "Been meaning to contact you and catch up and will do so soon, but in the meantime, did you realize that at least some of your newsletters are being mined by Google? Reason I know is that a friend visited me at the beach recently and brought two German friends with him. Before coming they decided to google me and they asked me how I had enjoyed the trip to Samoa. Thinking this was probably a result of something Habitat for Humanity put out, I googled myself and discovered that the info came from your newsletter. This world is getting w a a y too small. Talk to you soon."

One of our youngsters Diane Spence (63) wrote: "Gail, we met with Sandra Cunningham (63) this past Tues. night getting things together for our 45th reunion next year. We are going to try and have it the same weekend in Oct. that they have Coming Home to Cradock. Maybe we will have a two event weekend and Ralph Ferebee (63) and I have never been in town or been to this event yet and we have heard such great things about it. Will keep you posted." I don't how these kids got to be so old.

Kirk Wood (62) just emailed me that he had become a grandfather 4/28/07 to Ryan Eliska Wood. Less than a month ago and already he has forgotten his children's names in favor of his grandchild. Received this note and picture today "Marcia and I visited Ryan and parents on May 18-20.

Gary Keesecker (53) wrote: "I know you don't expect replies when you send out the "news", but your item about Harley Affeldt has prompted me to respond. Harley was my mechanical drawing teacher. CHS only offered 2 years of mechanical drawing innthe 50's but I had visions of being an architect and wanted to take another year of drawing when I was a senior in 1953. I'm not sure how he was able to persuade the "powers thar be" but he taught a third year - just for me - that is, the class consisted of me and him. I didn't make it as an architect, but became an engineer instead. We 53er's keep tabs on Harley through his brother, Bill, who married our 53er, Dorothy Nelson. Regards, Gary"


I had asked Jimmy Melvin (61) how his golf game was going and he replied "Tell Alan I'm having problems with one of my knees and its getting in the way of my golf. Already tried a shot and I got to go back to the doctor and see whats next. Hope you have a good holiday and all is well with your family." Alan (Baker-62) too is waiting to see if he is to have what he calls WD-40 shots but his golf game has slowed down a lot. Fishing causes less stress on the knees. He'll be getting "butt shots" before long.

We head for Mom's in Portsmouth this evening and will be there through noon Tuesday the 29th (757-488-1088, same number for 50 years)Alan to do some golfing and fishing and I'm going to finally finish wallpapering her bathroom. Someone sent me this today and I couldn't resist sharing it with you.

Have a great Memorial Day. Drive safe and be careful playing with matches!

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