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Home County High Track Meet
Held in Charlottesville Va. abt. 1923 - 24
Courtesy Curt Spear ('57)
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Norfolk County High School track team, victorious Friday in County High meet at Charlottesville. Left to right, they are: Dennis, Churchland; Culpepper, Deep Creek; Garrett, Cradock; Downing, Portlock; Hu??, Churchland; Spear, Cradock; Powell, Cradock; Bunting, Churchland

abt. 1923-1924
Courtesy Curt Spear {CHS '57}
son of Phil Spear in this photo

abt. 1923-24 Cradock Track Team

Note from Curt:
I have a lot of clippings but pictures are rare. I pieced this one together as best I could. The Cradock boys in the picture are Garrett (Eddie I believe), Spear (Phil) and Powell (Paul). The picture is 1923-1924 range. Photography back then especially when transferred to newspapers seems to me to make an individual look different from one photo to another. I have some names which I believe are in the baseball photograph but no way to tie them to the individual in the picture.

Curt Spear