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Home Alexander Park School
Mrs. Brookover's Class
7th Grade - 1951-52
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Mrs. Brookovers 7th Grade Class @ Alexander Park School


First Row left to right:
Sammy Card, Barbara Smith, Sharon ?, Pat Garthright, Caroline Carson,
Joyce Foster, Patsy Grimes, Yvonne Ashe, Mrs. Brookover

Second Row:
Jesse Bright, Robert Wilkins, Unknown boy, Charles Colbourn, Faye Ladd,
Unknown boy, Wayne Simpson

Third Row:
Sue Moody, Lyndall (Scrap) Jones, Unknown girl, Jerry Cox, Darlene
Willis, Unknown boy, Unknown girl, Robert Jordon?, Mildred Taylor?, Ted
Hassell?, Edna Hollian

Forth Row:
Joe Bryant, Geneva Bass, ? Credle, Thelma ?, Joan Spears, Unknown boy,
Unknown boy, Unknown boy, Martha Pfeiffer, Unknown boy, Unknown boy

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