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Courtesy William Braithwaite ('46)
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1942 Boy Scouts - Troop 205

Cradock Troop 205,

Front Row: Marshall Hall, 47; Scoutmaster Roger Keay; Dickie Johnson, 47

Second Row: Tommy Scott, 47: Jesse Overton, 47; Billy Braithwaite, 46; Billy Lohman, 47; Herbert Cummings, ?;
Jack DeGroff, ?; Walter Collins, 48; George Quinn, 43.

Boy between Tommy Scott and Jessie Overton - Unknown.
Boy between Billy Braithwaite and Billy Lohman - Unknown.
Boy between Billy Lohman and Herbert Cummings is Bobby Woody, Class year unknown.

Third Row: Starting with Cecil Kirkman (Cradock Admiral A) Class 38; Milford Eason 47;
Jack Perkins, 47; Dickie Blanks, 46; Gordon Hearne, 46.

Forth Row: Jimmy Braithwaite, 44; Presley Powell, 47; Jimmy Monaghan,45; Kermit Cutchins, 44.

Back Row: Johnnie Scott, 44; Harold (Unk) Barnes, ?; Joe Rosendale, 44 and R. O. Payne, 44.

Of these boys, Marshall Hall, Tommy Scott, Jesse Overton, Billy Braithwaite, George Quinn, Cecil Kirkman, Jack Perkins,
Gordon Hearne, Jimmy Braithwaite, :Presley Powell, Johnnie Scott and R.O. Payne all made Eagle Scout.

Troop 205 was sponsored by the Cradock Presbyterian Church. This picture was taken in front of the
Troop cabin on Nicholson Street. The Troop is no longer active.

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