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Robert Worrell
Robert Earl Worrell
Class of 1966


The Virginian-Pilot, (Norfolk, VA) Friday, July 25, 1969


Spec. 4.C., Robert E. Worrell


Portsmouth Ė A funeral service for Army Spec. 4.C. Robert Earl Worrell, who was killed in Vietnam July 13, will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. in Snellings Funeral Home by the Rev. Harold M. Fuss. Burial, with military honors, will be in Meadowbrook Memorial Gardens.



The Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, VA) Saturday, July 26, 1969


Worrell, Robert Earl Ė Died in Viet Nam Sunday July 13, 1969, Robert Earl Worrell 20 years of age, son of Joseph Earl and Mrs. Myrtle Brinkley Worrell. Funeral Services will be conducted in Snellins Funeral Home Saturday, July 26, 1969 at 2:00 P.M Burial will be in Meadowbrook Memorial Gardens.




SP4 - E4 - Army - Selective Service  

Length of service 1 years

His tour began on Oct 19, 1968

Casualty was on Jul 13, 1969




Body was recovered


Panel 21W - Line 114


You will never be Forgotten


Robert Earl Worrell (September 01, 1948 Ė July 13, 1969)


Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.


John 15:13 (KJV)


Robert as you remember, we didnít know each other all that well while attending our old Alma Mater, Cradock High. We were separated by one year; you in the class of 66 and I the class of 67. I saw you walk the halls but never had the chance to really meet you until after you and I had both graduated, just prior youíre leaving for Vietnam. 


Fortunately for me after high school I started working at the GE Plant and there you were. God had given me one more chance. Robert I know we didnít have a whole lot of time together at the plant but at least before you left the plant I can honestly say that I knew you and you were more to me than just a co-worker you were now a friend. So that gives me the right to say it was indeed an honor to have been a friend of yours. Because of the time God gave us at the plant I can honestly say I miss you Robert and wish you were here so we could reminisce about that precious little bit of time so long ago that God gave us to share with one another.


Robert, remember the fork truck race we had inside the plant that day when I got a bit too close to the wall and knocked that fire extinguisher to the floor. It immediately started spewing CO2 everywhere. Remember it was spinning around in a circle at the speed of light and I thought I'd never get my hands on it. And then after I did get a hold on it I found out that I didnít know how to turn the stupid thing off.  So I just set it back on the floor, this time gently on its bottom, but still spewing CO2 but at least it wasnít spinning. Oh yeah Robert I forgot to thank you for all the great help you gave to me that dayÖnone. Heck, you were laughing so hard man you could hardly breathe. Robert I know what we did that day was very irresponsible and Iím sure broke all the safety rules of fork truck usage but I wouldnít go back and change a single thing that day and destroy such a young and innocent memory I have of us.


Remember that day we were eating our lunch together minding our own business and that older woman came over and left us speechless with both our faces red. Man we were so young and naÔve and they could see right through us.


Well Robert I canít really remember your last day at the plant before leaving for Vietnam but come to think about it I canít really remember you ever talking about having to go. You were like that man, you never complained about anything, nope not a drop of negativity did I ever hear from you and thatís why it was always such a pleasure being around you. All I guess I can remember about youíre leaving was one day our time together was over. 


The biggest thing I do remember now about you Robert was that you were one of the nicest guys I'd ever met and even though we didnít know each other long enough to be each otherís best friend ever you were my best friend at the plant ok my only friend at the plant. But Robert Iím sure you would have made a top notched best friend inside in out of that old plant if we could have only had the time.


Robert many years have passed since that lonesome morning at the plant when I woke up and you were gone and Iím so very sorry Iíve waited so long to get this letter off but ever since Memorial Day of 2007 you have weighed so very heavy on my mind and on my heart. I watched this program on TV honoring Americaís fallen heroes and veterans and I thought immediately about you and I cried man. It was as if God was given me a mission to make sure you are not forgotten. Man what an honor that would be, knowing God chose me to help Him honor you. Well no matter thatís what Iím going to do. I want so badly now to make up for the time that I didnít do anything in your honor.


Jesus said, ďGreater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friendsĒ, and Robert thatís exactly what you did my friend. You gave the ultimate and you and other brave men and women just like you, deserve to be remembered.  For you and all the other brave men and women, young and old alike, didnít lose your life in battle. For like our Lord on the cross on Calvary, you gave your life and for that I will make sure you will never be forgotten.


I close Robert with saying I really do miss you man and I thank you for what you did more than 40 years ago. Robert please tell the other brave heroes thanks as well and until we all meet on the other side of Jordan, where there will be no more war, you can weigh as heavy as you want on my mind and heart, any time of the day and any day of the week, because Robert I surely donít want to ever forget about what you did for me and my family and your family and all the families in America that day so far from home on July 13, 1969.


Rest in peace Robert knowing now my friend Iíve got your back and ďyou will not be forgottenĒ.


Your fellow student, fellow coworker, friend, brother in Christ, and bearer of your remembrance forever,

Clifford W. Mann


PS: Robert I ordered a bracelet that bears your name and the date you gave the ultimate. On Sunday I wear it along with a cross made from the melted down wedding rings of my late wife and mine and I also wear my fatherís wedding band, and we all go to church together to worship the Father and His Son. Hope you donít mind but I also enlarged your graduation picture that was in my 1966 Cradock yearbook into a 8x7 and it now sets on my TV where I can see you every night as I set down in my recliner. This will surely help in my remembrance of you. You know something partner you werenít such a bad looking dude, dude.