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News and Notes Christmas 2008

For CHS 57 classmates


50th Reunion Highlights

            Loretta Willis Marshal and her husband Billy were a hit at our 50th reunion last year but even a bigger hit when they produced a slide show of their pictures and pasted it on their family website to share with all of us.  Loretta was wittiest in our class superlative list those many years ago and she remains a witty soul and a good one. Look at it; memories are made of this.

Cradock Graduates of 1957 - 50th Reunion


Nancy’s Cats are on-line

            After we reported that Nancy Swisher Burch had moved to Deltaville, we stumbled on her commercial website.  It is a treat for all of us. Listen to the Pink Panther, look at the cats and sign in to let Nancy know you visited.  Thanks Nancy for your wonderful talent.  We are all proud of you.


Madeline Branch Presson lives in “Gtown” Carolina for a quarter century

            George and I have been living in Germanton, NC for 25 years, the longest we have lived anywhere since we have been married.  His being in the ministry has moved us around a lot; this has been a great place to settle down.


            We have two daughters; Cheryl Leigh (49) has never married YET, has worked at the Wake Forest Univ. Bapt. Medical Center for 25 yrs. Then Sharon Beth Helton (46) lives in Mt. Holly just south of Charlotte, works for a law firm in Charlotte, they have no children, so I will love everybody else's grandchildren.    George retired six years ago, his health has not been very good but he is doing ok for now.  He has diabetes and little heart trouble.  I retired four years ago from WFUBMC (Bowman Gray School of Medicine) and now work part time at the Stanleyville YMCA at the welcome center.  All I have to do is smile and be nice as I greet the members coming in to work out.  That catches you up on the Presson family.  Thanks for all the information you send us.  Have a Merry Christmas! Madeline Branch Presson; 1096 Baux Mountain Road, Germantown, NC 27019; 336-591-5803


Editor’s note: Madeline was unable to attend our 50th reunion last year because of illness, after they had made plans to be with us.


Rodney’s operation

Rodney Hollowell had emergency gall bladder surgery three weeks ago but he is doing well.   Rodney writes: in and out gall bladder....doing fine ......out and about....thanks for checking   ......rod   310 N. Church Street, Hertford, NC 27944




Click here: Those Old Westerns (website inactive)


Varneda says Hello

            Thanks for the news. Bart and I are doing well. Just growing older with the aches and pains in the old joints. Life is good. Traveling and enjoying family. Grand-daughter is going into teaching, she is a junior at Clemson. Grandson is a junior in high school, hasn't made up his mind yet.


            The happy wanderers just got back from Farmville, where they have a summer retreat they enjoy. Varneda K. Meyer, 207 Caledonia Court, Lugoff, SC 29078; 803-438-2945


This site is too cool not to share with all of your friends



bk’s memories of Growing up in Cradock at Afton Theatre

            The movie house in Cradock was a special memory for all of us.  I have sent my memories of the famous Afton Theatre to Janie Norris Evans and she has generously posted them on the Cradock website.  Indulge me by clicking on the highlighted line below and reading my memories of our old movie house.  Send me you comments and memories.



Katherine Powell receives Chemotherapy

            Katherine Powell is in her second round of Chemotherapy and will have a week off before she starts the next round.  The “chemo” will be ongoing until the disease is conquered.  Carolyn Barnett Wright invited Katherine to come to Florida to stay with her for the winter so she could get away from the cold but Katherine only has two weeks off occasionally and needs to stay here for treatment.  What a shame!  Carolyn lives on a small lake with egret and other tropical birds, iguana on her dock and wildlife year-round.  Katherine is taking care of herself.  Contact her 636 Oleander Circle, Virginia Beach, VA  23464 757-467-0658 She will enjoy hearing from her classmates.  


Ellen Tillery Trammell has serious viral infection

Even the most advanced programs from Norton or McAfee cannot take care of this one. It appears to affect those who were born prior to 1950.
1. Causes you to send the same e-mail twice.  
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7. Causes you to hit 'DELETE' instead of 'SEND.'  and I just hate that! 
8. Causes you to hit 'SEND' when you should 'DELETE.'  Oh No!
 Have you been stricken by it yet?


Carolyn Wright says don’t forget important folks

            In the Thanksgiving edition of News and Notes Carolyn Barnett Wright encouraged us to send Christmas cards to youngsters serving oversees.  A day after the newsletter went out Carolyn wrote to say that the email address she had given us would not work. If you go to this web site,  You can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq.  You cannot pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these?  Whether you are for or against the war, our guys and gals over there need to know we are behind them. 


Lost Addresses of CHS 57 classmates

          We have lost track of Patty Malone Outten who has changed her email address.  Someone please contact her and ask for her new email address and send it to  Pat lives at 419 Bobby Jones Drive Portsmouth, VA 23701, 757-488-1774. Joel Hawkins still lives at the same address in Oklahoma but his email address no longer works.


Christmas songs to remember those old days when we were young



Update your email address on the Cradock website

                Perhaps your email address on the website might not be the email address that you are currently using.  It is easy to fix this if you want. Please go to the website and contact by email the Webmaster, Janie Norris Evans. Her name is in many places on the site.

Send her your email address and she will see that it is posted correctly on the site.  While you are on the site browse a bit and see how much the site has improved since you were last there. Janie does a great job with the site and of course, we want to be sure that your classmates and others who might find the site and want to contact you will be able to do so.


Keep those cards and letters coming

            Keep sending emails to be passed along so that more of us will be aware of what the others in CHS 57 are doing.  There is interest in keeping Cradock alive in our memories.  Please take time soon to look at the website.  My friend Janie CHS 60 is the Webmaster and she does a terrific job of keeping her Cradock constituents (you and me) up-to-date. As usual, this Newsletter will be on Janie’s website.