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Cradock Alumni and Friends Homepage

Cradock Alumni and Friends Homepage


Message from Bev Sell

 Come Home to Cradock 2011

It was an absolutely awesome weekend! The weather was perfect. The familiar faces were welcomed and the sense of community was in the air! We had a really good turn out for this event. We went as far back as the Class of '39. Bob Cutchins was there and participated in the parade!  The Boy Scouts sold  300 lbs of BBQ. This is one of the best fundraisers for them all year, so that's a good thing Cradock has always had a healthy appetite.

For those of you who missed the reception Friday afternoon at the Commodore Theater, I want to share with you what's happening with the Afton Theater. The theater has been cleared of trash and debris by Sheriff Watson's crew, but it needs a roof to continue. So we think it would be awesome if the Cradock alumni stepped up to the plate and helped RAISE THE ROOF ON THE AFTON THEATRE! Our high school has closed and soon to be torn down. It's the community we must focus on and help Bring Back Cradock. Restoring the Afton Theatre can be the catalyst to revitalizing the Square. Check out their website: .   The Afton Theatre has housed a restoration fund since 2002 at the Southeast Virginia Community Foundation. All donations are tax-deductible through a 501(c)3. Checks can be made out and mailed to: Southeast Virginia Community Foundation, 5800 High Street, Portsmouth, Va 23703 (757) 397-5424 - be sure to note that funds are for the Afton Theatre. They can also use volunteers who may own construction businesses that can provide material or are skilled in certain fields-they need our help! Contact Duane Cotton with Trademark Construction 757-483-4848.

Let's get our classmates together both near and far and RAISE THE ROOF ON THE AFTON! The bids for the roof are right around $90,000. If you don't have the money to help, maybe you can volunteer your time and energy to assist in fundraising, grant writing and search for Afton Theatre.
WE CAN DO THIS! Let's get our Cradock Spirit on! Time * Talent * Resources      

We recognized Sheriff Bill Watson for ALL of his efforts in helping us keep Cradock Alive on Saturday. We presented him with a Cradock jacket! Many folks now want us to offer them for sale, so we are looking into having them available to order. We are also going to offer the Cradock items, i.e. insulated tote bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts, key rings, magnets etc. online. We need to figure out who is going to handle the shipping part! Oh and don't forget our Pavers - you have the opportunity to remember family, classmates, and friends with a 4"x8" paver @ $50 or an 8"x8" paver @ $75.  Click on the paver form on this site.

The Parade kicked off at 1 p.m. with Grand Marshals from past and present. Dr. John T. Casteen III was our Grand Marshal for 2011. I think it was the largest parade ever (excluding the city bus who got caught up in it)! The Cradock Middle School did an outstanding job.

{Plans are underway for Come Home to Cradock 2012 - October 20 (third Saturday in Oct). Think 68 degrees and sunny! Special recognition for classes of  1942, 1952, 1962, 1972,and 1982 as they celebrate their 70th, 60th, 50th, 40th, and 30th. All classes inbetween are always celebrated!

There is some discussion about having a Virginia Beer & Wine tasting at this event. Let me know what you think.

Don't forget to order your Pavers. A new section will be added this year to expand. Let us, the Alumni of Cradock, help keep Cradock Alive!

Bev Sell
Alumni & Friends of Cradock, President

757-650-1428 personal cell

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