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The 1934 Portsmouth City Baseball Championship Trophy

There was no minor league baseball in the area 1934.  Local leagues filled that void. There was a loose collection of baseball teams competing in the Portsmouth area in the early 1930ís. The Portsmouth City League was made up of teams in about a 25 mile radius from Portsmouth.  Some teams were: Portlock (near Navy yard), South Norfolk, Cradock, Portsmouth, and Suffolk.  There may have been others.

Trophy testifies that the Cradock baseball team won the league that year.  The players were in their 20ís and 30ís.  The park was in downtown Portsmouth.  Games were on weekends, since, several of players had jobs (recall the depression was still in effect in 1934). My Dad, Purl Powell, worked in Richmond and drove to Portsmouth to play in the games. He spent the rest of the weekend with his parents in Cradock. 

I happened to come into possession of the trophy in a round-about manner.  My cousin, Jack Hanbury (CHS '59), was at a reunion in Cradock and he met up with Tom Scott (CHS 47).  One of Tomís relatives found the trophy in the wall of a house (I think it was in Berkley).  Tom had offered the trophy to the VA Sports Museum in Portsmouth and they did not care to have it.  Jack placed Tom in touch with me and we exchanged a few emails.  Tom wanted the trophy to go to someone that appreciated it.  I told Tom I would pass the trophy onto my first grandson along with the story and other sports stuff from the Powell family.  So Tom sent the trophy to me and it is on a shelf (cool and shady) in my loft.  The photo of the 1928 team is beside it.

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