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Come Home To Cradock 2005

Calling All Admirals! Calling All Admirals! Come Home to Cradock 2005 was a good time for all who attended! The weather was awesome!
Let me first thank the members of the CHTC Committee who work all year long to make this happen for the Alumni and the Cradock Community. They are: Carol Galford Edwards, Cindy Larsen Cook, Pauline Nelson Sitterson, Ginnie Kinsey, Ruth Buck, Kathy Reese and Bud Bonner.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I had so many people come up to me a tell me what a great job Im doing- Im flattered, but it takes more than just
me to make it happen.
Friday Night Meet and Greet was fun. We had about 100 folks, but I understand that many classes had their own get togethers. Congratulations to Tommy Leary who won the 50/50 raffle ($87). Next year, on Friday, October 20, 2006 we are planning a Cradock Casino Night. More details to follow, but SAVE THAT DATE! We are planning now, so it will be a great time.

Saturday was the Come Home to Cradock Carnival. The weather was unbelievable! We had Bluegrass music on the Gazebo provided by Amy Ferebee and Friends, the Cradock Business Owners and Helping Hands had an old time photo booths, with cut outs to stick your face through,Cradock Civic League had a Ducky Pond, Cradock Baptist Church had Cotton Candy, the Cradock Lions Club had Funnel Cakes and Popcorn. But the Cradock Boy Scout Troop did a bang up business. They sold over 450lbs of pork and earned a profit of around $2,000. Rick Warren with the Scouts says to please say thank you because this event helps them keep going through out the year.
Northern Star Credit Union sponsored the Radar Speed Pitch,and Nine Hole miniature golf which were very popular.
The Class of 61 sponsored the Hi Striker which was a huge hit.(Literally)
and Towne Bank sponsored the Trackless Train that traveled around the sidewalk of Afton Square with its very own Conductor.
The Class of 85 had a tent top with all kinds of goodies.
The Class of 86 had a table and they were looking for classmates.
Just a tip for those of you looking for classmates, if you have a list of classmates you are searching for, have them posted on the web site: Several classes have had success using this method.
The Most Creative Booth Design went to Cradock Helping Hands. They received a check for $100 from the Alumni & Friends of Cradock. They
worked hard on their booth. The Parade, with Cora Mae Fitzgerald as the Grand marshall was one of the best. Several classes mentioned they wanted to have a float/car in next years event. Talk to Carol Galford Edwards:
With the exception of a couple of electrically problems (blow a fuse), it was
an all around good time for one and all.
Heres an e mail from Angie Logwood from the Class of 85:

Hey there: This is Angie (Dorsey) Logwood of the Class of 1985. Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the festivities on the 15th.
Our class also had our 20 Year Reunion that evening which was a wonderful way to end a wonderful day ! Please e-mail AS SOON AS YOU KNOW what the date will be for next year. We want to touch base with all of those classmates that we saw this year with info about next year ASAP so we can keep the idea fresh in their minds. I plan to send my classmates a post
card with a reminder of the festivities for 2006. You wouldn't believe how
many people didn't even know about the gathering that takes places each year. Thanks again for all you do to keep it going !!! :-) Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you have a date. Angie Logwood
Here are some photos from the event, thanks to Clyde Nordan, Jr. If you have some youd like to share, please send them to Janie at:


Pavers- if youd like to order a Paver to be installed by next October, just go to and click on Pavers. Run off the form and mail it in with your check.
If you attended Come Home to Cradock 2005, give us your feedback. Let us know how we can make it better! Send me an e mail:
Save these Dates: Friday, October 20 and Saturday, October 21, 2006 Your job is to find as many of your classmates as possible and let them
know ....Cradock Lives!
Stay in touch and remember, (start programing it now) Saturday, October 21 will be.... 68 degrees and SUNNY! Bev Sell Class of 69 757-857-1794
In 1999, several of the alumni got together to see if there was something we could do to help the Cradock community. Since we no longer had a high school to rally behind, we thought helping revitalize, restore and preserve the Cradock community was a worthwhile cause not only for the Alumni but for the city as well. Since then we have incorporated as a 501c4 non profit and we are in the process of developing a Comprehensive Plan for this effort.
Our mission statement is, to restore the social and economic vitality of historic Cradock and to promote the neighborhood as an effective model of sustainable community design and development.
Each year we hold a Fall FundRaiser , Come Home to Cradock, for the community and the Alumni. This event helps to raise funds and awareness of the Cradock community. It also provides ALL Cradock alumni with an event to tie into for their separate reunions. Many classes do not have class reunions and this gives them the opportunity to Come Home to Cradock and celebrate the rebirth.
This event grows each year as more and more folks get involved. In 2003, for the 85th Anniversary of the Cradock Community, we were able to bring the Great Great Niece of Sir Christopher Cradock from Cowes, England to participate in this event. Dr. Corran Laurens was quite taken with the Cradock community and the efforts of the Alumni & Friends to help revitalize Cradock. She hopes to return and has mentioned she would like to live in Cradock so day.
It will take more than events to revitalize the Cradock community. From the Alumni & Friends of Cradock has grown a 501(c)3 non profit organization, Cradock Preservation & Revitalization (C.P.R. breathing new life into an old community). This organization is made up of Cradock alumni and professionals willing to do the work that must happen if we are to save this beloved community.


For more information or how you can get involved in C.P.R. or Alumni
& Friends, contact Bev Sell at 3610 Henrico Street, Norfolk, VA 23513, E Mail: or call 757-857-1794.

Since postage is so expensive, we are focusing on email and
this web page to do most work in the getting the word out.

If you would like to do a mailing to your class, contact Bev Sell, and she can get you the mailing addresses on labels
for your class. Let's keep Come Home to Cradock growing!


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